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Collection of ancestor lists, and news of noble families in alphabetical order

Ancestry lists and news about noble families

This list is not constantly expanding. Name of aristocratic families that do not appear here, have been considered most likely to have a separate article, a search on the web (in the box at the top right) worthwhile, therefore necessarily! Or inquire directly with me!!

Family name:

in. Abensberg: Dollinger, Peter Paul: The counts and lords of Abensberg, Landshut 1869 – 2.) The altgefeyerte dynasty of Babo of Abensberg in their origin, Branching and total cooperative in Bavaria and Austria, by Joseph Ernst v. Koch-Sternfeld, Regensburg: Manz Verlag, 1857

in. Abschatz: Wegener, Carl Hans: Biography Assmanns of Abschatz together with a digression on his Familie, Berlin: Duncker Publisher 1910 (Only with U.S. proxy)

in. Ahlefeldt: Genealogy and family history of Ahlefeldt, Schleswig Holstein knighthood, the first and second volume von Louis v. Ahlefeldt and Wulf August Rumohr Drüllt, Publisher Heiberg, Schleswig 1869 – Past, same genealogical and diplomatic messages from the ancient dynasty of adelichen Ahlefeldt and different lines, Olaus Heinrich Moller, Flensburg: Serringhausensche writings, 1771

in. Elderly: Elderly, Eberhard of Curd: Urkundenbuch of altfreien sex, Baron, Counts and lords of the Old, Weimar 1905

in. Altenburg: Braun, Ernst von: History of the castle Count of Altenburg, Bonde Verlag, 1868

in. Alvensleben: Codex diplomaticvs Alvenslebianvs, History of sex of Alvensleben and his possessions, 1. Band by the year 1412, 3. Band the year 1501-1653, George Adalbert of Mülverstedt, Magdeburg 1879-1885 -Historical news of the sex of Alvensleben and whose goods, Siegmund Wilhelm Wohlbrück, Berlin 1819-1829 – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, (only with US proxy)

in. Ammon: Ammon, Christoph Friedrich von: Genealogical Nachweisung the family of the nobility of Ammon in the Kingdom of Bavaria and Saxony, Dresden: Wagner, 1825

in. Andechs: Silberhorn, Joseph: Origin, Appearance and extinction of the Counts of Andechs, Berg Andechs: Gruber, 1840 / Hormayr, Joseph von: Attempt a pragmatic history of the Counts of Andechs, Innsbruck 1797

in. Anrath und v. Neersen: Perspective, Johann Peter: History of glory and Neersen Anrath : with special reference to the old parish Anrath with the villages and towns Neersen, Wrong track, Kehn and Clörath as well as the Castle and the Lords of Neersen, Fischeln 1883

in. Arndt: History of sex “Arndt” (Descendants of Andrew Arnd Putbus) : together with family trees and coats of arms ; compiled from family papers, Documents, Church books and letters, Ernst Moritz Arndt of, Cologne 1898

in. Armansperg: Sketched Stemmatographie today counts of Armansperg in Bavaria, 1830

in. Arnim : Kirchner, Ernst Daniel Martin: The castle Boitzenburg and its owners from von Arnim's race, Berlin: Publisher Alexander Duncker, 1860 – Online literature selection for sex von Arnim

in. Arnstein: The Lords and Counts of Arnstein, of E. Straßburger in: Journal of the resin-club, Flight. 20; 116-148, 1887

in. Artzatt and Great Schottgau: Family Tree of Artzatt and Great Schottgau, Jacobi handwriting III. Mappe 47a

in. d. Asseburg: Aces Burger deed book on the history of sex-Wolfenbüttel Asseburg, Bd. 1, Bd. 2, Bd. 3, by J. Fritz Graf von Bocholtz-Asseburg, Hanover: Publisher Hahn 1876-1905 – Pedigree of the aristocratic house Asseburg from old files and partially unknown documents, Konrad Behrens, 1721

in. Attinghusen and pig mountain: Liebenau, Theodor von: History of the Barons of Attinghusen and pig mountain, Aarau: Sauerland, 1865

in. Auer: Ried, Thomas: Genealogical and diplomatic history of the extinct race of knights Auer in Regensburg and Prennberg, Müchen, 1823

in. Auersperg: Genealogy of the lords of Auersperg 1165-1573, continued until about 1632 by Johann Sigmund Brechtel (Download)

in. Aufseß: Aufseß, Otto von und zu: History of uradelichen Aufseß'schen sex in Franconia, Berlin: Heymann, 1888

in. Auer: Contributions to the History of Auer, with a dedication by the author. From Dr. Alois Ritter Auer von Welsbach, Vienna 1862 (Download)

in. Auerswald: Contributions to the history of the family of Auerswald from documentary sources, John Voigt (1786-1863)

in. Axen: Some news about the Hamburger family of axes, together with genealogy overviews by Jacob III. of Axens family book and its sequels, Otto von Beneke, Berlin: Gutenberg, 1900

in. Baden: Chrismar, Eugen von: Genealogy of total house of Baden 16. Century to the present, Hotha: Perthes, 1892

in. Baer: (Baer Noble of Huthorn) News about the life and writings (with genealogies) the naturalist Karl Ernst von Baer

in. Baldegg: Liebenau, Theodor von : Documentary History of the Knights of Baldegg and their ancestral castle, Lucerne: Räber 1866

in. Bard stone: The family of Bard Star; a historical Gemählde from the world würklichen. Leipzig 1794

de Bary: This is the genealogical research of Herbert de Bary (uradelige family from Barry at Tournai in Belgium) by Herbert de Bary, 1922

in. Barnekow: Bohlendorf, Julius: The Bishop rye and the estates of the bishopric Roeskild on Rügen in hereditary possession of Barnekow and outline the history of the nobles, Baronial and Shire sex, Stralsund: Löffler, 1850

Barth're Harmating: Noble family Barth to Harmating [Online-Version]

Bárthory v. Simolin (Hungarian noble family) : Genealogies of the noble race of Barthory Simolin, edited by Alexander von Simolin in 1855

in. Baudissin: Genealogical message of the ancient adelichen and high count's family of of Baudissin, Olaus Heinrich Moller, Flensburg: Serringhausische Buchdruckerei, 1766

in. Baumbach: History of belonging to althessischen knighthood family of Baumbach, Baron August von Baumbach, Marburg 1886

in. Bavaria: Masson, Michael: The Royal House of Bavaria : genealogically edited and illustrated with historical and biographical notices, Munich: 1854

Beck von Leopoldsdorf: Zeibig, H. J.: The Family Chronicle of the Beck Leopold village

in. Behr: His Behr who kneaders… and his sons Daniel, Hugold und Samuel : Live images from the 16. and 17. Century, Gottlieb von Rosen, Stralsund 1896

in. Bellin: The extinction of the family of Bellin, in: Annals of the Association of Mecklenburg's history and archeology, Bd. 57, No.. 2 (1892), S. 12-15

in. Berbisdorf : King, Valentine: Genealogical and historical description Besides which stem- and ancestral tablets Des uhralten Adelichen sex D. In. Berbissdorf, 1715

Berka of Dube: Family Tree of Berka of Dube and Leipa in: Pinkava, Victor: History of the town and the castle Lemberk fork in Bohemia, with four illustrations and two family trees, Fork, 1897

in. Berlepsch (Berlebsch) Letzner, John: Pedigree or history of the ancient noble family von Berlepsch, Erfurt: 1593/1594

in. Bernstorff: Friis, Aage: The Bernstorffs, Band1, Culture image from German to Danish nobility-in 18. Century, Leipzig, 1905

in. Bentheim: Family tree of the mediatized house Bentheim, 1892

in. Biberstein: Genealogy of the Lusatian Mr Biber stone, in: History of the dominions Sorau and Triebel, von Johann Gottlob Worbs, Sorau: Rauert, 1826

in. Bibra: Bibra, William of: Family history of Bibra, Munich: Kaiser, 1870

in. Bippen: On the history of the family of Bippen (With Family Tree) by Theodor Engelmann, in: Yearbook for Genealogy, Heraldry and sphragistics, Jg. 1893, Mitau: Steffenhagen, 1894

in. Bismarck: The sex of Bismarck, by Dr. Georg Schmidt, Verlag Eduard Trewendt 1908 – History of the castle worn-noble family von Bismarck, to acquisition of Crevese and Schönhausen, Berlin 1866

in. Blagay: Thallóczy, Ludwig von: The History of the Counts of Blagay, with 2 Pedigrees, Seal and coat of arms pictures, Vienna: Carl Gerold´s Sohn, 1898

Blome: History of uradeligen the Lords and Counts Blome, Otto von Hintze, Hamburg: Hans Christians Druckerei, 1929

in. Blumenthal: The trunk number to the family of Blumenthal was of Dirk Peters developed and is available on its website

in. Blucher: Wigger, Frederick: Family history of Blücher, Bd. 1 and Bd. 2, Schwerin: Style Lersche Hofbuchhandlung, 1870-1878

in. Bodeck: Genealogical familiae À Bodeck, appeared ca. 1720

in. Bodmann: History of Baron von Bodmann, Part 1, and Part 2 (Pedigrees) von Leopold v. Bodmann, Lindau 1894

in. Bohlen: History of the nobles, baronial and ducal family of the planks, Part 1, Issue 1 Genealogy, Property etc.Part 2, Urkundenbuch

in. Bongart: Strange, Joseph: Genealogy of the Lords and Barons of Bongart, Cologne and Neuss 1866

in. Bönninghausen: Contributions to a history of sex Bonninghausen called Budberg etc., of Alexander of Budberg, 1897

in. Bornstett: Seifert, Johann: Genealogical table successive continuous Ancestry of those of Bornstett, Regensburg: 1713 (von Bornstedt)

in. Better: The history of Catharina von Bora, edited by Wilhelm best source of, Hall 1843

in. Borcke: Pedigree Tree of uhralten Adelichen the Lords Borcken as one of the uhrältesten adelichen sex in Teutsch country, Berlin: Hofbuchdruckerei ca. 1715 – Pedigree of the prestigious Borkischen sex, and although I. Rainforest- and Strammehlscher line. The Lord General Count von Borcke, Hochgeb. […] where other members of this House, by Joachim Bernhard Steinbrück, 1784

Brand of Lindau: Lohmann, Adam Gottlieb: Genealogical-Historical news of the family make Adelichen those gentlemen fires of Lindau on Wiesenburg before Beltzig, and other allied with you to make houses, Zerbst, 1733

in. Braun: Additions to the list of ancestors space scientist Wernher Freiherr von Braun

in. Bredow: The detailed history of sex von Bredow

in. Brevern: On the history of the family of Brevern. First volume by Georg von Brevern, 1878 and the history of the family of Brevern. Second volume, Catharina von Brevern, give. of Reutern : (The Generalin Bohn) also by Georg von Brevern 1880, Third volume, Carl died of Breverm 3.1.1744

in. Briesen: The dynasty of Briesen, Contribution to the history of the castle SAT family of the Lords von Briesen and the earls and lords of Breza, von H.D. von Briesen in: Archive for regular and Heraldry (also: Weller's archives for regular- and Heraldry, No.. 7, Year 1906-1907, ab S. 6

in. Britzke: Neumann, Hans: The family of Britzke. Privatdruck 1900. 189 S, with 7 Pedigrees (If interested please contact me at, I like to put you in contact with)

in. Bridging: Ehrenkroog, Hans Friedrich: On the history of the family of Chancellor bridge with the master list

in. Bubenberg: On the Genealogy Bubenberg, by Robert Oehler, in: Berner Magazine of History and History, 280461-x, 0005-9420, 38, 1976, 58

in. Buchegg: Wurtemberger, Ludwig von: Buchegg rich free reign, their counts and barons and the country county Little Burgundy, Bern: Jenni, 1840

in. Bulgrin: Pedigree and coat of arms of the family of Joachim of Bulgrin, in the beautiful hand-written chronicle of Wusseken (Circle Koszalin) by Walther Huebner, Szczecin 1931, Residents with detailed lists of places Wusseken, Repkow, Kleist, Laase, the pastors of the parish and further genealogical tree of families Vandrey, Niger, Bartewitz and v. Wussecken

in. Bulow: Book of the von Bulow Jakob Friedrich and Paul v. Bulow, Berlin 1858 published by the Royal Privy-Hofbuchdruckerei – Historical news about von Bülow to Oebisfelde, Contribution to the history of sex according to documentary sources. – With many engravings and documents provided, historical, genealogical and critical description of the Noble, Mr. Frey- Count's sex and von Bulow, Jakob Friedrich Joachim von Bülow, Neubrandenburg: Basket, 1780

in. Bunau : The Bünauische sex and virtue-nobility so dass.. .. One of them … Günthern Lord of Bünau, Cammer-Rath … and Rathen and the time Sex Aeltisten As also Lord of Rudolphen Bünau angestalten Sex Convent sämbtlichen of those gentlemen of Bünau bettors: Held at Naumburg in Schoeffel, the 1. June 1687. From gehorsambster service-attestation … Johann Gottfried von Trenckner – Well praiseworthy sex, those empire-counts and lords of Bünau clock-old and Anno 1650. renovirte Sex Rules, of Gottschick Laitenberger, Merseburg

in. Burgdorff: Konrad von Burg Dorff, War and statesman with pedigree and family tree, Karl Spannagelhaus, from the series: Sources and research into the history of the House of Hohenzollern, Band V. 3. Series, Berlin: Duncker, 1903

in. Burghausen: About the origin and genealogy of the Counts of Burghausen, Schala, Peilstein and moeren, by Johann Nepomuk Buchinger, Munich: Franz, 1851

in. Burgundy: Pedigree of the Kings of Burgundy, in: History of collegiate Beromuenster, von Mathias Riedweg, Lucerne : Räber, 1881

in. Buseck: Genealogy of the family von Buseck, Each von Portal, 2001

in. d. Bussche: Genealogies of von dem Bussche, Hildesheim: Lax 1887 – The family von dem Bussche, in: Chronicle Bielefeld families, of W. Fricke Bielefeld : Helmich, 1887

in. Calenberg: Life of the departed in Christ Countess Henriette Luise of Lippe, born Countess of Calenberg, Karl Christian zur Lippe-white box, 1800

in. Campe: Sex story of the house of Campe Hochadelichen On Isenbuttel and betting Mars Hagen JH Steffens, That 1783

in. Campenhausen: History of sex from the Campenhsusen, Ernst von Husen Camp, 1908

in. Capellen: On the Genealogy of the Lords of chapels, of Stülz, Jodok. in: Report on the Museum Francisco-Carolinum Bd. 6 (1842) S. 73-167

in. Carlowitz: In: Esther Church of Bach (1894-1946) Mother of a whole country church, A Saxon pastor's wife in the first half of 20. Century, by Hannelore axis, Dissertation 9.7.2009 – From the Archive of the Carlo family joke (Hauptband), Ramming, Dresden 1875 – Supplements to family history to 13. December 1891

in. Cilli: The contemporary sources on the history of the Counts of Cilli, with inclusion of the so-called “Cillier Chronik” 1341-1456, by Franz Xaver Krones, Graz 1871

in. Castell: History of counts and lords of Castell 1058-1528, Frederick Stone, Schweinfurt 1892 – Demolition of a genealogical history of the manor Castell in francs, by Friedrich Wilhelm Viehbeck, Rüdenhausen, 1813

in. Cleve: Skip, Egbert: Short description of the same Clevischen country together with attached genealogy of the Counts and Dukes, Wesel u. Eisenach 1781

in. Colloredo: Crollalanza, John the Baptist: The noble family of Waldsee-Mels and in particular of the Counts of Colloredo, Vienna: Hofbuchhandlung Frick, 1889

in. Cornberg: Ancestry Philipp Georg Wilhelm Freiherr von Cornberg, 1759-1811, by Horst, Freiherr von Cornberg

in. Cramm: Ash von Cramm, his wife and their relationship to Wernigerode, in: Journal of the resin-club, Flight: 22;237-242

in. Cronberg: Helmuth Gensicke: The Kronberg (On the history of Nassau nobility) in: Nassauische Annals, Band 98, Wiesbaden: Publisher of the Association for Nassauische archeology and historical research, 1987 – Genealogy, Pedigree or sex register of sex those of Kronberg, Georg Helwich, Mainz 1625

in. Dalwigk: Memoirs and historical sketches of the lives of many members of the family of Dalwigk, with genealogy, Author: Reinhard von Dalwigk-Lichtenfels, appeared in Darmstadt 1841

in. Damitz: Genealogy of Ernst Wilhelm Christian of Damitz, Born on 6.4.1780 in Jauer, von Rand, Maudine Powers (in English, but easy to understand)

in. Dannenberg: Ernst Sass: On the Genealogy of the Counts of Dannenberg, Mecklenburg Association for History and Archaeology: Annals of the Association of Mecklenburg's history and archeology. – Bd. 43 (1878), S. 33-164

in. Dechen (Decher): The family of Dechen, Master Series family of Dechen, extinct 15.2.1889, Origins and history, Of Adelsdiplom, Namensverveichnis of Gg. Schmidt, Verlag Rathenow M. Babenzien, 1889

in. Deckenbrock: The Lords of Deckenbrock and their possessions, J. Holsenbürger, Werner Constantin Droste zum Hülshofe, Muenster 1868

in. Debschitz: Debschitzische Genealogia, immortalized the honorary Uhralten High-nobles sex of those of Debschitz placed and provided with historical Anmerckungen of M. George Wende 1695

in. Degenfeld: Kapff, M. F. G.: Christoph Martin Freiherr von Degen field together with a brief history of the family of sword box, Ulm: Rübling, 1844 – Genealogy of the imperial princes sword box-Schomberg, Vienna: In. Braumüller, 1881

in. Denffer: Foundation for a family history of Denffer, 1906, by Harald of Denffer

in. Donnersperg: Leoprechting, Carl von: Supplements on the sex of the Barons of Donnersperg, Munich: Wolf, 1852

in. Donop: The upper Marshal Wilhelm Gottlieb Levin and bailiff of Donop to Lüders Mayrhofen, Maspe news of the sex of the Donop, Wilhelm Gottlieb Levin of Donop, Paderborn 1796

in. Dorstadt: Historical and Genealogical description of the old, but now extinct adelichen gräflich- frey and wonderful sex of those Dorstadt, von Thomas Philipp Hagen, Brandenburg: Hall, 1762

in. Dortmund: The Count of Dortmund, a contribution to the history of Dortmund, August Meininghaus 1905

in. Dungern: Biographical news on the history of the baronial family of Dungern, Maximilian of Dungern, Oberau, 1896

in. Dürrach: The Solothurn Schultheissen sex of Dürrach, by Hans Sigrist, in: Yearbook of Solothurn history, Band 55; Page 129

in. Eberstein: History of the Barons von Eberstein and their possessions, Louis Ferdinand Freiherr von Eberstein, Sondershausen 1865, Publisher Friedrich August Eupel – The Counts of Eberstein in Swabia, von Karl v. Neuenstein, Karlsruhe 1897 – Demolition of annalistic history of the Frankish, rich knightly sex Eberstein : by Eberstein on the Rhön, Louis Ferdinand von Eberstein, Dresden: Publisher Bruno Schulze 1893 – Documentary History addenda to the news of the rich knightly sex Eberstein from Eberstein on the Rhön, Louis Ferdinand von Eberstein, Dresden: Publisher Lehmann 1880 – The inherent gehabten of the Frankish Ebersteinen from Eberstein on the Rhön before the removal to the lower part of the Golden Meadows possessions in their regular home dog au the Elbe Saale, edited by Louis Ferdinand Freiherr von Eberstein, Berlin, 1890 – Ongoing personal chronicle of Frankish free, Later rich knightly sex Eberstein from Eberstein on the Rhön, According XA73 family Statutes of 8. October 1883 in Zwischenzäumen of 5 to 5 Years issued by the administrative council of the family unit. Edited by Alfred August von Eberstein, Bd.: 1, Berlin, 1885

in. Egg: Seifert, Johann: Genealogical description of the sex of those counts of Egg and Hungerbach, 1703

in. Ehingen: Holzherr, Carl: History of the barons of Ehingen in Rottenburg, Stuttgart: Kohlhammer 1884

in. Eichendorff: History of the noble and baronial family von Eichendorff

in. Eickstedt: Eickstedt, Carl August Ludwig: Family Book of dynastic sex of the Eickstedt in Thuringia, Pomerania and Silesia, Ratibor: In. Storm, 1860 – Collection of documents on the history of the sex of the Eickstedt, Band 1 and Band 2, Carl von Eickstedt, 1838 Of names

in. Sindelsdorf: The Relationship of Swabian nobles of Ida Sindelsdorf emperor brother Ludolf IV. of Brunswick (+1038) and Pope Leo IX. von Hans Dobbertin, in: Braunschweigisches Yearbook band 43. 1962, Page 44-76

in. Rivers Feldt: Eduard Aander-Heyden: History of the family of the Barons of Elverfeldt. Two volumes. Issued on behalf of the whole House, Elberfeld o. J. 1883-1890

vom Ended: Vom Ended : Development of a family on the run Düsselstrand, Dr. Felix vom Ended, Dusseldorf 1962

in. Erbach: History of the County of Erbach and biographical news about the men and Counts of Erbach, Erbach 1840 / 2.) Simon, Gustav: The history of dynasties and Count of Erbach and their country, Frankfurt: Bronner, 1858 / 3.) Schneider, Daniel: Full-hochgräflich Erbachische root panel, Frankfurt 1736

in. Eschenbach: About Wolfram von Eschenbach, the old German poet, Home, Grab und Wappen,

Esterházy de Galantha: Children's Friend, Carl Josef: The Princely House of Esterházy Galantha, Vienna: Summer, 1860

in. Estorff: Brief outline of the family history of Estorff's, Georg von O. Carl von Estorff,

in. Eulenberg: Diplomatarivm Ilebvrgense, Collection of documents on the history and genealogy of the Counts zu Eulenburg, Part One, Part Two, Georg Adalbert v. Mülverstedt, Magdeburg 1877-1879

in. Everstein: Spilcker, Burchard Christian von: Deed book on the history of the Counts of Everstein, Arolsen: Publisher Speyer 1833

in. Faltzburg: Johann von Faltzburg, the first Swedish-Pomeranian Secretary and sex, by Robert Hasenjäger, Greifswald: Julius Abel, 1912

in. Flehingen: Helwich, George: Genealogia or birth line of the ancient sex adelichen those of Flehingen, Frankfurt: Rötel, 1634

in. Flemming: Genealogy Flemmingiana: or execution of the genealogical Flemminge in Pomerania, Joachim Schmidt Fridericus, Stargard, 1703

in. Flotow: Contributions to the history of the family von Flotow, With a genealogy of the family members, and collected in pressure given by Gustav von Flotow , Dresden 1844

in. Fries: A genealogical study of all the descendants of the old Bernese knight sex frieze of Friesenberg, of August Graf von Fries, Publisher Henry in Dresden 1903

in. Friesen: Rich history of the baronial family of Friesen, Ernst von Friesen, Dresden 1899, Bd. 1, Bd. 2,

in. Froburg: The origin of the Counts of Froburg, August Burckhardt, In: Basel Magazine of History and Archaeology, Bd. 25.1926

in. Furtenbach: Seifert, Johann: Genealogy of those of Furtenbach, Regensburg 1724

in. Furstenberg: Fickler, Carl Borromäus Alois: Brief history of the houses Furstenberg, Geroldseck of Leyen and the, Karlsruhe: Macklot, 1844

Gans Edle Herren zu Putlitz: Genealogies of Goose Men Noble family to Putlitzstrasse : of its first written appearance to the present day, by Hermann von Rederns

in. Common: History of Gemen their masters and their families : according to the records of batch's archives and other sources / bearb. by Count Friedrich von. Landsberg-Velen you. Gemen Münster : Regensberg, 1884

in. Gemperlein: The Barons of Gemperlein, Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, Toronto 1901 (Download)

in. Gerolt: The family tree of the sex of Gerolt and the castle to Leyen, Heinrich Joseph Langen

in. Gersdorff: Gersdorffsche Family News; together with 2 Stone-shoot, published 1818 – Genealogy of the various lines of sex which the von Gersdorff in Upper Lusatia from the middle of the 16. Century to 1623, Knothe, Hermann in: New Lausitzisches Magazine, Goerlitz, Bd. 69 (1893)

in. Giech: Gerber, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm von: Outline of the history of the counts and lords of Giech, Tuebingen 1858

in. Glasenapp: Complete Genealogy of the old-Pomeranian sex of Erb- Castle- SAT and Castle of Glasenapp, II. Part of and additions to the 1884 I published. Part of E. von Glasenapp, Berlin 1897 (Download)

in. Gmainer: Zoepfl, Heinrich: Memorandum the baronial birth state of noble lords of Gmainer to and on the Schönstein concerning, Heidelberg: Printing Mohr, 1867

in. GOHR: Seifert, Johann Friedrich: Historical and Genealogical description of hochadelichen sex by Gohr, White Rock 1769 (Gor, Gohre)

of Gramont: Schmauß, Johann Jakob: Genealogical History of the House in Gramont France, Hall 1721 (Name: Beaumont, Navarre, Peralta)

in. Gresten: The family of Gresten, in: Chronicle Bielefeld families, of W. Fricke Bielefeld : Helmich, 1887

in. Grimschitz: Radics, Peter: The Barons of Grimschitz. A historical study, Vienna: Verlag Mayer & Comp. 1871 (only with US proxy)

in. Groningen: Heyd, Ludwig F.: History of the Counts of Groningen, Stuttgart 1829

in. Gronsfeld: Kish, Christian: Castle and former manor Rimburg, the owner thereof, especially the earls and barons of Gronsfeld, together with the surrounding villages, Aachen: J. A. Mayer, 1835

in. Large: Large, Emmo: History of the Counts and free sex Herrlich Grote'schen Published on behalf of Gesammtfamilie and use of preparatory work of the late Louis Freiherr Grote Grote and Julius Neuhof-looking, Hanover 1891 (With many family trees and the portraits of family members)

in. Grothus: The family of Grothus in Westphalia, Max von skewers, in: Yearbook for Genealogy, Heraldry and sphragistics, Jg. 1893, Mitau: Steffenhagen, 1894

in. Green Mountain: Plush, August: The Barons of Green Mountain in Small Burgundy, Bern 1900 (Dissertation)

in. Gumppenberg: Gumppenberg, Ludwig Albert of: Family history of Gumppenberg, Wuerzburg, 1856 – Supplement to the history of the family of Gumppenberg, Wuerzburg 1862

in. Habsburg: Röpell, Richard: The Counts of Habsburg: Hall: Schwetschke, 1832

in. Hackeney: Merlo, Johann Jakob: The Hackeney family to Cologne, her knight seat and their love of art, Cologne: DuMont 1863

in. Cock: History and records of sex of cock – 2.) Descendants of Paul, Baron von Hahn (1828-1901) and wife Lucie, Countess von Keyserling (1830-1901) by Henry C. von Hahn

in. Haldenstein: The former rule Haldenstein, a contribution to the history of the Rhaetian frets, Churchill: Verlag L. Words, 1864

in. Hallwil: The Lords of Hallwil in the Middle Ages: Contribution to the Swabian-Swiss needle history, by August Bickel, In: Contributions to the history of Aargau, 1978

in. Neck: Brunner, Luitpold: The Count of neck, a contribution to the history of Bavaria, Augsburg: Kremersche bookshop, 1857

in. Hammerstein: Documents and calendar entries on the history of Viscount and Baron von Hammerstein, von Emil v. Hammerstein Gesmold, Hanover: Hahn'sche bookstore, 1891

in. Handorf: The Handorf (called Arens) Family history 1593-1982, by Estella Michels, Iowa, 1981?

in. Hanstein: Documentary history of the sex of the von Hanstein in Eichsfeld, First part with pedigrees, Kassel 1856

in. Hardenberg: Family history of Hardenberg and the Hardenberg'schen possessions – Wolf, Johann: History of sex in Hardenberg, 1. Part with 132 Documents, 2. Part, Göttingen: Baier, 1823 (Only with U.S. proxy)

in. Hartitzsch: Genealogy of the family of Hartitzsch, by Peter Hatzsch, Self-published 2009

in. Hattstatt: Scherlen, August: The Lords of Hattstatt and their possessions with pedigrees and heraldic panels, Colmar: Strasbourg Printing and Publishing Institute, 1908

in. Heesten: Attempt a message from the adelichen, now extinct race of Heesten, from which sprang among others the bailiff Otto Heesten is, Olaus Heinrich Moller, Flensburg: Serringhausische Buchdruckerei 1764

in. Hegnenberg: Shock, P.A.: The Lords of Hegnenberg, Wildenrott and Haldenberg : From the Oberbayer. Archive für vaterl. Gifts. Bd. VIII H. 2, Munich, 1846

in. Heimburg: Outline of the history of sex von Heimburg, with Coat of Arms and genealogical tables, by Paul Friedrich Martin von Heimburg, Brunswick: Richard Sattler, 1901 – The Heimburg the resin and its first dynasty of the Lord of Heimburg

in. Helfenstein: Kerler, Heinrich Friedrich: History of the House of Helfenstein and Documents the history of the House of Helfenstein, vol. 2, Ulm: Stettinsche bookshop 1840

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Stammtafeln u. Family Crest for manuscripts of Christian Friedrich Jacobi

This manuscript collection is housed in the BSB Munich. Under the signature Cgm 8018 is the register created by Oswald Spohr find with subsequent digitized.

Pedigree charts and family coat of arms, Bitch 0035 – BSB Cgm 8018: of Angern
Pedigree charts and family coat of arms, Bitch 0362 – BSB Cgm 8018: von Bomsdorf
Pedigree charts and family coat of arms, Bitch 0648 – BSB Cgm 8018: von Dhyrn
Pedigree charts and family coat of arms, Bitch 0676 – BSB Cgm 8018: von Edling
Pedigree charts and family coat of arms, Bitch 960 a – BSB Cgm 8018: of Gladebeck
Pedigree charts and family coat of arms, Bitch 1010 – BSB Cgm 8018: of Görschen
Pedigree charts and family coat of arms, Bitch 1166 – BSB Cgm 8018: von Harstall
Pedigree charts and family coat of arms, Bitch 1495 – BSB Cgm 8018: Bon Karras
Pedigree charts and family coat of arms, Bitch 1652 – BSB Cgm 8018: by Krahe
Pedigree charts and family coat of arms, Bitch 2647 – BSB Cgm 8018: of Sahlhausen
Pedigree charts and family coat of arms, Bitch 3089 – BSB Cgm 8018: von Theler