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Focus of this digital library, electronic resources (eBooks, Digital documents in PDF and DjVu) about genealogy, So everything related to genealogy, Genealogy, Family history, Heraldry, Sphragistik, Onomastics, Name meaning and family trees, etc..


Working Group on Family Research of the Emsland countryside

A tip for genealogists! The Working Group is the publisher of the quarterly magazine "Emsländische Bentheim and genealogy" (EBF). It makes for genealogists in the region, the "organ" for the exchange of views- and exchange of information and contains many important contributions on research projects and methods. To publish more extensive source editions, the series is "Contributions to the Emsland and Bentheim genealogy"; the […]


Biographical Directory of the teachers of the Royal Domgymnasium to Magdeburg 1675-1769

Ausführliche Lebensskizzen aller Lehrer des königlichen Domgymnasiums in der Reihenfolge ihrer Berufung oder Dienstantritts von 1675-1769Like this:Like Loading


Story of the Peace of Westphalia to the accession of Frederick the Great

It was the 24. October 1648, was announced as in the old Episcopal city of Munster, after thirty years of war in time of peace two large solemnly signed certificates. Peace of Westphalia as the entirety between the 15. May and 24. October 1648 called closed in Münster and Osnabrück peace treaties, die den Dreißigjährigen Krieg in Deutschland und […]


Family news and family tree from the Family Archives of Amelung 1667 to 1863

From the contents of the Amelung family archive: Introductory news about the family tree (Families Amelung, Ballauf, Lutterloh, Cooler, Parcus, Meier, Tilger) Gründung der Spiegelfabrik Catharina-Lisette bei Dorpat Like this:Like Loading


Biographical: Compilation of the family members of the Saldern 1. World war

The order line is ordered, according to the genealogy. Those: Short compilation on the participation of members of the family of the Saldern 1. World war, Szczecin 1916, von Otto von Saldern-BrallentinLike this:Like Loading


Family history of Mylius – Genealogical-Biographical Chronicle of the family Mylius

In 1751 and 1752 was master Johann Christoph Mylius (*27.7.1710 in Buttstädt) The work “History Myliana” out in three volumes. This family history was 500 Copies printed and distributed, Like this:Like Loading


Benno of Studnitz: Brief outline of the family history of those Studnitz

The original story is from the family of Otto Studnitz (in the pedigree under no. 122) been born with a lot of diligence together. In the Prussian Adelslexikon the sex of Studnitz is described as follows: This old, still flourishing in Silesia noble family comes from Moravia, where his headquarters Bistrita, came to the Zierotins and Würben later. […]


The sex of Veltheim: The common number of the division of the lines

Genealogy, in which takes place the separation of the lines,: Ritter Ludolf VI. (Son of Henry II) Lord of Gifhorn, Ummendorf and Hötensleben, Lien on Mr. Borsfelde, Königslutter, Schoningen, Bartensleben etc. died 1405 childless. Ritter Hans (Son of Henry II) Founder of the white line, Lord of Gifhorn, Ummendorf and Hötensleben, with properties in Helmstedt and Braunschweig, 1388 in […]

Schloss Rheinsberg

Full history of sex of Lochow, with panels and side dishes

The family of Lochow The family of Lochow is one of the oldest nobility of Brandenburg. The family is probably already in 926 Mark eingewandert. It can be assumed with reasonable security, dass sie ihren Namen von dem havelländischen Lochow annahmen.Like this:Like Loading


News about the sex Ungern-Sternberg family trees

The Ungern already occur in the middle of the 13. Century as vassals of the Archbishop of Riga, first documented in Semigallians on. We'll soon find out numerous and wealthy in the archbishopric of Riga, and the pin Dorpat. Before 1316 are already 18 Mentioned time members of sex de Ungaria in documents. Was die Frage über […]

Pedigrees and coats of arms of the family council of Stralsund

Stammtafeln Stralsund Council Family First Part: Travelodge Munden, of Semlow, of Dorpen, Papenhagen, Rode, Rahden, Gyldenhusen, from the lip, Brunswig, Unna, Wreenen, Pot maker, Buren, Kedingen, Bischopp, Alen, Zutphen, Nyben, Swertingen, Kriidener, Rodehosen (Rudinghusen) Schulow, Roach, Zanseburen, Goldevitzen, Drulleshagen, Schwarten, of religious, Brandenburg, of Hudessem, Beren, Stenwegen, Harteger, Hagedorn, of Vlothen, Gerold, Darnen, […]


Online literature selection: to the noble family von Arnim

Gustav von Arnim Criewen: Contributions to the history of the race's Arnim'schen, I. Part, Berlin 1883, New edition, edited by Jochen v. Arnim a.d.H. Mürow, Osnabrück 1958 Family history “The sex von Arnim” Like this:Like Loading


History of sex of the warrior with some illustrations and pedigrees

The sex of the warrior's gender to the story this is, has by his age, his ancestry, secured its historical significance acquired by land and by its wide use in and outside of Germany. Like this:Like Loading


Genealogy & Jg heraldik. 1949: Zeitschrift für und Familiengeschichtsforschung Wappenwesen

Genealogy & Heraldry, Jg. 1949 Extract from the content: Robert Wilhelm Bunsen and his ancestors for genealogy data of the curator of the University of Tartu, Friedrich Maximilian Klinger Müller Neumark in earlier centuries Hermann Mitgau: Die Clausthaler KemnaLike this:Like Loading

White friends: Historische Stammbuchsammlung

The custom, in a book called the root (Album Amicorum also) Friends, Friends and teachers thought- to be written and sayings into a book, was not subject to the century of sentimentality. Great spirits have maintained earlier, before they were to fashion and thereby habit. Like this:Like Loading

Porter studbook for 1543-1893 350th foundation anniversary of the country's Royal Pforta

Porter studbook In 1843 appeared for the third Secular Games of the royal country Pforta under the title “Pförtner Album” a list of all teachers and students. As the foundation for the work mentioned here was the “Bittchersche album”. The continuation of the reorganization of 1843 bis zur Gegenwart wurde gefördert durch die Bestrebungen des Vereins ehemaliger Fürstenschüler in in […]


The history of the noble family of those Alvensleben (Handwriting)

The family history of those ULB Sachsen-Anhalt has Alvensleben of the complete family history of those digitized Alvensleben. The remarkable thing – it is the manuscripts, made by the patronage preacher Eimersleben, Gottlieb Leberecht Zarnack in 1772 to 1776. Like this:Like Loading


William of Holleben: Contributions to the history of the family of Holleben

The family of Holleben The annual 1883 Benno had died of Holleben after long and detailed studies, a source document book as “Contributions to the history of the Lords of Holleben” compiled. The above work is based on its preliminary. Holleben The family of one of the oldest families of Saxony-Thuringia . The “Hunleves” wurden Ministerialen der mächtigen Erzbischöfe von Magdeburg und […]


contributions to the history of the house Neufville since the immigration of the family to Germany

[gn_heading style=”1″] contributions to the history of the house Neufville [/gn_heading] The “de Neufville” came as Reformed Protestant refugees to Frankfurt . The family originated from the county of Artois . In 1575 were Robert and Sebastian citizens of the city . Two years later, married Sebastian (1545-1609) mit der Anna Cochx (Cook) and quickly came through his cloth trade to large fortune . He […]


The abbots Pelplin Rembowski: Unfortunate and blessed times 1563-1649

[su_heading] Leonhard Rembowski the old and young in as abbot Pelplin [/su_heading]   Pelplin, once a famous abbey , since 1824 residence of the bishops of Culm , in an area surrounded by small hills valley is , by the heel winds , which flows into the Vistula at Mewe . By the year 1887 Pelplin belonged to a circle Pr . Stargard, seitdem […]