Ancestor lists and stories of bourgeois families in alphabetical order

In this section I want to point to printed family histories and genealogical lists from the net to download, sorted by alphabet. Perhaps looking for one or the other just to name these resources to further information or advice.

The list continues to grow!

This list includes the names of most of the families, its own with any items are considered (or the link takes you directly to the article) and is constantly being updated. Further details of the results can be found in the category Adel and Heraldry and Genealogies as well as Family history.

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Achelis: The family Achelis in Bremen, 1579-1921

Achtermann (Reidemeister): A patrician family circle around Brunswick 1600 (Achtermann) In his funeral sermon, by Dr. Walther Lampe Hanover, in: Braunschweigisches Yearbook band 54. 1973, Page 161-171

Aksakov: Family Chronicle, by Sergei Aksakov Timofeyevich, Leipzig : Insel Verlag, 1919

Amberger: Genealogy of the family Amberger, compiled by Fritz Amberger, Printing press owner in Zurich, 1905

Ammann: Gechichte family Ammann from Zurich

Amsinck: The Dutch and hamburgische family Amsinck, an attempt at family history as a printed manuscript to the early 18. Century, Caesar Amsinck, Hamburg 1886

Anckelmann: The family Anckelmann in Hamburg and Leipzig, back to the connection to the Dutch royal family

Antze: Genealogy of the family Antze, Gustav Antze in: Archive for regular and Heraldry (also: Weller's archives for regular- and Heraldry, No.. 7, Year 1906-1907, ab S. 52

Aschenbach: Pedigree of Aschenbach and Hossfeld Schweina from Thuringia

Asch: Berliner, Abraham: The family history Asch: a 200th commemorative page (1713-1913) Berlin: Itzkowski 1913

Ayrer: The pedigree of the family Ayrer, Ernst Kroker, in: Communications of the Association for the History of the City of Nuremberg, Bd. 14, 1901

Avenarius: Genealogy family Avenarius (English) by Betty Jane Ostert, 1935

Bach: Genealogy of the Bach family with handwritten additions and improvements by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (Origin of Bach's musical family)

Bachem: Joseph Bachem, his family and the company J. P. Bachem, Cologne, Bachem 1912

Baer: History of the Baer family from Basel 1465-1557 (Reprinted from separate biographies Basel I. Band, 1900)

Ballin: Ballin, Oscar: The family Ballin with particular reference to their Hanoverian branch of Brunswick, Gandersheim: Hertel, 1913

Bassermann: Bassermann'sche Family News in five parts. Bd. 1 and Bd. 2, Ernst and Kurt Bassermann, 1906-1908

Bauer: The family farm (Ancestry of Jacob Bauer) and Theobald of laughter-Speyerdorf, of C. Frederick Kaufholz, Torrington, 1976

Baumann: Chronicle of the Baumann family from Dürr moss – The experiences of d. Family of 1393 to 1912 with pedigree, Carl Rudolph and Moritz Baumann, Zurich: Amberger 1913

Beata: Schnyder, Hans: Remarks on the genealogy of the Blessed Family, in: The historian friend : Communications of the Historical Society of the five places Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden and train, 503714-1, 1421-2919, 122, 1969

Becker: Contributions to the history of the Becker family in Wahlscheid and Lennepe, by Eugene Becker, Dusseldorf: Lintz 1898 – Genealogies of the Becker family and then related messages, by Dr. J. G. Burman Becker, Copenhagen: Klein's book printer, 1875

Behaim: The Behaim (Beheim) - A gun- and bell founder family in Nuremberg 1350-1600, Christa von Schaper, in: Communications of the Association for the History of the City of Nuremberg, Bd. 51, 1962 – The biography of the architect Behaim family, Christa von Schaper, in: Bd. 48, 1958

Beireis: Heister, Carl von: News of Gottfried Christoph Beireis: Family and career, Berlin: Nikolai'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1860

Bender: Family records of Jacob and Magdalena Bender and their descendants to 1897

Brat: Pedigree of D. Johann Albrecht Bengel born 1687, died 1752, both descendants of the ancestors, compiled according to the state of 15.12.1886, as a Festschrift for bicentennial birthdays, Stuttgart 1887

Benzler: News of the family to celebrate the anniversaries Benzler 7. More, 20. December 1782 : by the accumulation of family members and notes from literary sources, Daniel by Colin, Berlin: Miller, 1882

Berckelmann: Genealogy of the Family Tab Berckelmannischen. I. and II. (in: Memoria Beati Theodori Berckelmanni Theologiae Doctoris Et Professoris Publici Ordinarii In Academia Julia …) Henry Philip Guden, Hanover: Foerster, 1733

Blarer: The family history of Blarer of P. Staerkle, Stiftsarchivar, Swiss Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Band 43

Bohemian: Horst Vogel : a history of family farms and the Bohemian, of O. Weerth, Detmold: Meyer, 1908

Cooper: Boettcher family tree in Dresden

Brecht: Genealogy and family history of the Swabian Wurtemberg Brecht, in: Archive for regular and Heraldry (also: Weller's archives for regular- and Heraldry, No.. 18, Year 1917-1918, ab S. 23

Wide: Wide, Johannes Victor: Family history of Bredt, Elberfeld 1902

Bünsow: Contribution to family history of sex Bünsow under six centuries (see article)

Burdel-Bürdel: The story of an immigrant family, by Peter Kopp, In: Swiss Archives of Folklore : Semi-annual publication, 1998, Vol.94(1), 1998

Burmeister: Family tree of Heinrich Burmeister (Mecklenburg?)

Bürklin: The history of the family Bürklin, Albert Krieger, 1905

Bury: Family history Bury the 175th anniversary of the business firm Bury & Leonhard, Hanau: Alberti 1934

Bux and Winterberg: Family Trees and Bux Winterberg, in: Württembergischer Arts and Crafts Association: Communications of the Württemberg Art Trade Association. – (1908/09), S. 186

Callisen: Contributions to family history of sex Callisen (printed as a manuscript) Adolph Halling, Augustin, 1898

Campe: Joachim Heinrich Campe; A contribution to his paternal lineage, in: BraunsJb 55, 1974, S. 226-229

Carpzov: The Leipzig branch of the family and their relations with the University of Helmstedt and Braunschweig to the land, Harald ski Eckel, in: Braunschweigisches Yearbook band 41. 1960, Page 69-99

Christiani: Table of Contents on the descent of the annual 1913 surviving members of the family and their relatives Christiani Baltic

Clemen: The family of Clementina Schmalkalden, in: Coat of Arms Collectors 5, 1905. Here: S. 132-136, 151-153

Cranach: Lucas Cranach the Elder: A contribution to the history of the family Cranach, Friedrich Warnecke, Goerlitz: Strong publishing 1879

Dahlmann: Genealogy of Johann Dahlmann in Anklam in: Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann, 1. Part, Anton Springer, Leipzig: Hirzel Verlag, 1870 S. 462

Decker: Potthast, August: The pedigree of the family Decker: Festschrift, Berlin 186

Denck: Family history of Denck (Zörbig, Saxony)

Dilthey: Koepp, Laura: The family Dilthey, Wiesbaden 1906

Dörry: The genealogy of the family-Dörrien Dörry

Dringenberg: Pedigree of Stefan Dringenberg

Dugend: Genealogy of the family Dugend in Oldenburg, In. Oldenburg yearbook Bd. 50, 1950, by Wolfgang Busing (including. Pedigrees of the Council pharmacist in Oldenburg)

Dürnhofer: The chronicle of the family Dürnhofer, Karl Schorn tree, in: Communications of the Association for the History of the City of Nuremberg, Bd. 42, 1952

Ebeling: Family History von Wilhelm Ebeling

Eggers: The history of the family in Reval Eggers, released on August Mickwitz, Raval 1910

Eichner-Euchner: The Eichner-Euchner families of Bempflingen, Bissingen, Grafenberg, Dettingen (Teck) Large- and small Grossbettlingen, Kohlberg and Riederich, by Charles Frederick Kaufholz, Lakeville, Connecticut, 1991

Eisenhower: President Dwight D. Eisenhower's ancestors and relatives; genealogical, historical and sociological studies of migration in the Odenwald 1. Half of the 18. Century Neustadt (Aisch) Degener Verlag, 1955

Elhard: The descendants of Dr. Johannes Christoph Elhard, Paul Riecke and Emil Rombacher, Brasso: Schlandt, 1900

Euler: The descendants of Leonhard Euler in the first six generations, of E. Amburger, in: Basel Magazine of History and Archaeology, 201059-8, 0067-4540, 94, 1994, 163 1994

Farenheid: Contributions to the history of the family Farenheid, by George Kreuger, Königsberg: 1900 (in a supplement to the program of the City Gymnasium in Königsberg Kneiphof)

Feuchtwanger: Pedigree of the family Feuchtwanger 1786-1019

Ficinus: Materials for genealogy Ficinus, Kollark and PieschelPedigree of sex Ficinussischen

Finsler: Genealogy of the family Finsler, Georges Finsler, Basel: Werner-Riehm, 1891

Flender: Family history of Flender, Dusseldorf 1900

Flesch: Flesch, Adolf and Heinrich: The family Flesch, published on the occasion of the 100. Birthday of Mr. Adolf Flesch, Frankfurt, 1914

Flower: Nerong, The. C.: Family history of Flor, Self-published author of 1887

Forcart: Chronicle of the family in Basel Forcart compiled and edited by Rudolf Forcart-Bachofen, Basel : It. Birkhäuser, 1910

Frenzel: Abbreviated news of the family of creditable Frenzel in Upper Lusatia, Johann Hortzschansky, Goerlitz: Fickel scissors Generic fonts, 1791

Fricke: Message from the tribe of learned Fricke from Ulm. – [u.a. Albrecht Philip Fricke] Brunswick 1759

Frickhinger: Genealogy of the family Frickhinger in Nördlingen, Nördlingen: Beck, 1907

Frink: History of the Frank family, Part 1, by August Gottlieb Meissner, Leipzig: Weygang 1779 (Collection Westerholt)

Gift and Black: From the history of the family gift and Schwartz, Georg Hermann Sieveking, In: Journal of the Association of Hamburg History, Bd. 21.1916, S. 168-202

Gänsfleisch: Genealogy of the Mainz race Gänsfleisch, Gustav Freiherr Schenk zu Schweinsberg, in: Festschrift for the five hundred year birthday of Johann Gutenberg, von Otto Hartwig, Leipzig: The. Harrassowitz, 1900, Page 80-162

Gehrke: Family history of the family Goerke Alfred von Helmut Goerke, 1938

Gericke: Hoffmann, Friedrich Wilhelm: Otto von Guericke, Mayor of Magdeburg: A picture of life in addition to the family tree up to the Mayor Otto Gericke, Magdeburg: Emil Baensch, 1874

Giseke (Giesecke) Historical records of the family Giseke

Glafey: Family tree of the whole family Glafey, Gottlob Edmund August Glafey, Band 1, Nuremberg, 1891

Goethe: Diintzer, Heinrich: Goethe's family trees: a genealogical presentation, Gotha: Andreas Friedrich Perthes , 1894 / Knetsch, Karl: Goethe's ancestors, Leipzig: Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1908

Goetze: Our ancestors and our parents (in Quedlinburg) – printed as manuscript for the family at 15.5.1895, written by M. and H. Goetze, Wernigerode: Printing B. Angerstein.

Gogel: The Frankfurt Gogel family 1576-1918, Rudolf Jung, Frankfurt: Waste, 1920

Goeldi: Contribution to the knowledge of the history of the Swiss family Göldi, Göldli and Göldlin

Gomperz: Merchant, David: The family Gompertz, Frankfurt: Kauffmann, 1907

Gotter: Pedigrees of the offspring Johann August Gotter, Official Schösser to Camburg, Altenburg: Hofbuchdruckerei, 1789

Grabner: News about the family coming from Nuernberg Grabner, in: Archive for regular and Heraldry (also: Weller's archives for regular- and Heraldry, No.. 7, Year 1906-1907, ab S. 177

Grasshoff: Master series of family Graßhoff from Quedlinburg, of E. Spangenberg, 1935

Grassmann: History of sex Grassmann (Grassmann) and its subsidiary lines (from Luckau and Landsberg) Karl Scheibert, Görtlitz: Strong publishing 1937

Gries: Family tree of the grains in Hamburg

Grillparzer: Grillparzer's ancestors, a hard handover to August Sauer 60. Birthdays, released by the publisher of the Literary Association of Vienna, 1915

Pigs: The family's history Grisar : from the Prince-Bishopric of Liège, by Gerhard Hufnagel

Grunau: Ignatz Grunau Grunau and George (1795-1890) a native of Brown Mountain. A contribution to the history of Elblag 19. Century, Axel Grunau, Elbing Prussia publishing, 1937

Haccius: The Haccius, For quarterly magazine for arms- Siegel and Family History, 11. Jg, S. 181-195

Hainhofer: Hainhofer, Philip: Pedigree of Philip Hainhofer, State- and City Library of Augsburg Cim 66, Augsburg, 1626

Halling: Dr. of. Adolph Halling: My ancestors and their relationships, printed as a manuscript, Glückstadt: J. J. Augustin, 1905

Hannebach: Hannebach & Related Families – Before 220 Years from the Palatinate to Galicia

Hasenjäger: Families Hasenjaeger and Streitz, Stargard in Pomerania

Handel: Ahnentafel HandelGeorge Frideric Handel's pedigree to original sources, by Charles Edward Förstemann, Leipzig: Breitkorp & Härtel, 1844

Harwardt: Genealogy of the family Warmia Harwardt (Herwert)

Heine: Family tree of Heinrich Heine (maternal) from: Contributions to the history of the Lower Rhine, Band 1: 1886 – 2.) From Heinrich Heine's ancestral hall, by David Kaufmann, Breslau: Scotsman, 1896

Heinrici: Genealogical and historical news from the famous and blessed Heinricischen race in Upper Lusatia, by Gregory Friedrich Immanuel, Lauban 1753 (Hist.Sax.D.150,26)

Heuser: Heuser Sches family book with messages about gender related, by Friedrich Wilhelm Heuser, Meerholz 1900

Herckenrath: The family from Holland Herckenrath

Hersleb: Pedigree of Jacob Hersleb, created 1779-1783, published in Leipzig

Hermann: Chronicle of the Ibra (Churhessen) -derived family, Johann Heinrich Hermann 1650 to 1900, Leipzig: Merseburger, 1900

Hermes (Harmes) : From Hermes to Harmes: a Roman Catholic farming family in the Emsland region between Suttrup 1600-2000, Gerard Harmes

Hesdörffer: Genealogy and family history Hesdörffer Heinz Hesdörffer, Cologne 1938

Hessel, Henry Charles Daniel Bartholomew: The chronicle of the family of Hessel from Kreuznach 1686-1886, a manuscript printed Bonn 1886

Hevelke-Hewelcke: Family history of the family and the astronomer Johannes Hevelius Hevelke

Hoffmann: The Hoffmann family Strauscheid at Neustadt / Wied, by Hans-Wilhelm Thiele

Holbein: The Holbeiner – An overview of a 700-year-old bourgeois family history with family tree, by Hans Holbein, Leipzig: It. A. Sailor, 1905

Hollenweger: The family Hollenweger Gustav Strickler, Zurich : Art. Institute Orell Füssli, 1920

Hohn Feldt: See Article: The Gdansk Gender mockery Feldt

Hommel: Hommel family history and environment of Kroppen, and their descendants: in connection with the mill Heinersdorfer, starting at 1565 to date, Jan Stahr

Hornburg: Elkins, Edna Hornburg; The Hornburg story from Gifhorn

Hoyer: The Hoyer family in Oldenburg, In: Oldenburg yearbook Bd. 26, 1919/1920 von Otto Hoyer

Huelsen: Family history of Huelsen 1580-1880, by Dr, Frederick Huelsen, Artern 1881

Imhoff: The Imhoff – Merchants and art lovers (with genealogy) Christoph von Imhoff, in: Communications of the Association for the History of the City of Nuremberg, Bd. 62, 1975

Ingres: Painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and the Raoul-Rochette family, Pedigree in the special supplement of: Schweizer Monatshefte : Journal of Policy, Economic and cultural, Bd. 43. 1963/64 – Ingres and the family Stamaty in: Schweizer Monatshefte, Bd. 47.1967/68

Iselin: Henry Iselin of Rosenfeld and his family, Fried. Weiss-Frey, Basel : Birkhäuser, 1909

Jacoby: Directory of the Descendants of William Martin Jacoby, Mueller and architect in Estonia (1749-1812) Tallinn in 1936

Jäggli: (KIND,) The gender of the Jäggli of Winterthur, Lakes and Yberg 1562-1906, Walter Jäggli in Winterthur

Jamnitzer: Frankenburger, Max: Contributions to the History Jamnitzer Wenzel and his family, Strasbourg: Heitz & Ward, 1901 – Further contributions to the common result of family Jamnitzer in Nuremberg, see in: Communications of the Association for the History of the City of Nuremberg, Bd. 61, 1974

Josenhans: Pedigree of the family of small brook Josenhans, Rohrdorf in Baden and Stuttgart, Ernst Josenhans

Kahler: Book of Bald (Weblink)

Calm: Genealogy resources for the Brunswick family Kalm, with genealogical tables, in: Journal of the resin-club, Flight: 27;440-182

Kaltenbach: Genealogy of the family Kaltenbach, to and from the Obergießhof II in low water at Triberg since 1871, there on the small hill ski jump since 1730, on the 'perennial’ since in Gremmelsbach 1683, as. 1660-1679 in Furtwangen-Katzensteig, on the farm 'Whether the Church’ <Rainerhof> in Schoenwald before and after 1564 Konrad Kaltenbach, Aasen i. d. Baar, 1939

Kamyn: Warsaw, Adolf : The Poznan family of goldsmiths Kamyn, Historical society poses, 1894

Kawerau: The family of Kawerau 333 Years

Keferstein: The family history and further reading see here!

Kelb: Genealogy of the family Kelb, In. Oldenburg yearbook Bd. 50, 1950, by Wolfgang Busing (including. Pedigrees of the Council pharmacist in Oldenburg)

Kinckel: The family Kinckel in Herborn In: Communications of the Association of Nassau archeology and historical research to its members, Year 1906/07, Wiesbaden 1907. Here: Sp. 24-29

Terminal: Roos, Joseph: From the papers of a Swabian family, Records of the ancestors of the family of terminal, Calw & Stuttgart 1898

Kobbe: Kobbé, Philipp Ferdinand: The family Kobbe in Nassau (also Kobbeus, Kobbé) 1690-1897

Kober: Knauth, Christian: The honor of Kobe since Homer gender representation in the learned and famous Kober 300 Years, Goerlitz: Fickelscherer, 1777

Cooler: The family history of Koeler, a contribution to the autobiography of 16. Century, Hannah S.M. Amburger, Communications of the Association for History in the City of Nuremberg, Bd. 30, 1931

Hod: Contributions to the genealogy of the family Kohlschütter, by Richard Siefert of Dresden, in: Archive for regular and Heraldry (also: Weller's archives for regular- and Heraldry, No.. 7, Year 1906-1907, ab S. 117 and from S. 129, S. 150

Couple (Thurnauer): Heckscher, Albert Gottlieb: Stamm Table Torque (or Thurnauer) Copenhagen: Solomon's book printer, 1883

Kraemer: Pine, Karl: Family tree from Kraemer Neckarrems, Heilbronn: Viktor Kraemer, 1911

Krohn: Krohn'sche Family News, from August Krohn, St. Johann-Saarbrucken: Saardr. 1903

Kuhn: News about the family of Kuhn 1549-1889, Ernst Kuhn, Munich: Straub, 1890

Kypke: Brief history of the family Kypke, Henry Kypke, 1900

Langenmantel: Seifert, Johann: Genealogy of the long sheath, Regensburg, 1721

Lamm: Lamm, Louis: Through three centuries: Genealogy of the family of Levi tablets lamb Wittelshofen in Bavaria, Berlin, 1914

Lappe: Die Familie Lappe, Arthur fruit, in: Journal of Hamburg History, Bd. 10, 1899, S. 541-554

Spring: Extract the civil branches Lenz, Lentz, Lentze (from the chronicle of the old aristocratic family that of the Lentcze)

Leu: The Leu Family, Just Fri, Historical society poses, 1936

Liebhart: Liebhart and similar spellings in Upper Bavaria, Kurt Liebhard

Liscow: Lisch, Georg Christian Friedrich: Christian Ludwig Liscow’s Leben : for the acts of the Grand Duke of meklenburgischen secret and main archive and other original sources, with the pedigree of the family Liscow, Schwerin: Stiller, 1845

Lorinser: Pages of Testimony of the family Lorinser : with cultural and historical remarks about Bludenz, Sonnenberg and Montavon in Vorarlberg, Schussenried in Wurtemburg and Bohemia

Lourie (Luria) : Lourie, Anton: Die Familie Lourie, Vienna: Stern & Steiner, 1923

Löwenfels: Louise Loewe rock and her family, in: Journal of the Historical Society collection Ingolstadt, Bd.: 111. 2002, Ingolstadt, 2002, from page 189

Luther: Nobbe, Karl Friedrich August: Pedigree of the family of Dr. Martin Luther, the occasion of his death on 18.2.1846, Grimsby 1846 / The descendants of John Luther in Massachusetts, Original von Leslie L. Luther – The Life of Hans Luther, Siegmund Friedrich Keil, published in Leipzig 1752

Man: Family history of man – Edward Mann and Cornelia Stursberg, their ancestors and descendants, Prof. von. Dr. August Fink, Christmas 1961

Maness: Wyss, George: Contributions to the history of the family Maness in Zurich, Zurich: Orell, Fuseli, 1850

Math Rhodesia (Mathesius) The famous family of the Lords math Rhodesia (Mathesius)

Mättig: Family Tree Mättig (therein Peucer) from the Dr. Gregorius Mättig Foundation

Meckel: Michael Viebig and Rüdiger Schultka: The anatomist Meckel, The Genealogy of a family of doctors in Halle(Journal of Research home, Supplement 5)

Medicus: From the Family Physician, by Hans Jürgen Medicus via DAFFG – Other passages in the digitized version of 1905

Meinders: The family Meinders, in: Chronicle Bielefeld families, of W. Fricke Bielefeld : Helmich, 1887

Mendelssohn: Hensel P.: The Mendelssohn family 1729-1847, Band 1, Berlin: Behr's Verlag 1908

Mercator: (Kremer, Merchant) Gerhard Mercator and the geographers among his descendants, Henry Averdunk and J. Reinhard Mueller, Gotha: Perthes, 1914 (Dr. A. Peter's release from Justus Perthes’ Geographical Institute : Supplement issue ; 182)

Merkle: Genealogy of the family Merkle; according to church records to Bonfeld, Oberamt Heilbronn, Kingdom of Württemberg, and those of Wimpfen, Jacob Markley, 1886

Meltzer: Meltzer family history in Norway, by Eberhard Clamer Meltzer and Anna F. Hamken, Manuscript, 1889

Mercator : (Kremer, Grocer) The descendants of the geographer Gerhard Mercator (1512-1594)

Mettler: Book of the Mettler family in the morning, Community Hemberg, Toggenburg, (Switzerland) Arnold Mettler-Tobler

Mettlerkamp: Between Hamburg, Kishinev and Kharkov: The Mettlerkamps in Russia, with particular reference to the poet Johann August, Angel of Annelore Braunschmidt, In: Journal of the Association of Hamburg History, Bd. 66.1980, S. 1-44

Meurer: The Hamburg Mayor Henry Meurer, by Johann Heinrich Bartels, Hamburg: August Campe Verlag, 1836

Meyer: Beneke, Otto: History and genealogy of the family of Lorenz Meyer in Hamburg, Hamburg: Meissner, 1861

Michl: Schwemmer, Marius: Studies to learn more, Life and Works of Joseph Willibald Michl (1745-1816) Dissertation 2010

Middelman: That Middelman in: The history of the jury Erkelenzer families, Band 1, Ernst von Oidtman, Erkelenz: Herle, 1922

Moor-Stöber: 275 Years Neydharting Moor family Stöber against the historical background of the years 1699-1974 : presented on the basis of documents of Otto Stöber

Minor: The history of the leather factory F.W. Minor in Brieg of 1811-1911

Moller [of deer] : Beneke, Otto: That Slechtbok : Genealogies of the Hamburg family Moller [of deer] Hamburg: Kellinghusen's Foundation, 1876

Moser: Johann Jacob Moser Genealogy news of his own and many other prestigious Württemberg, partly foreign families, 2. Edition, Publisher Schramm, 1756 - Johann Jacob Moser Genealogy news of his own, and all descended from the same family, distant from it in the family Moserischen, Stuttgart 1752

Muffle: Genealogy of the family in the middle aged mufflehe, in: Communications of the Association for the History of the City of Nuremberg, Bd. 41, 1950

Mumsen: Chronicle of leaves descendants in the male line of the north shore Broder Mumsen, 1. Band, Detroit: 1903-1918

Necker: Hermann, J.: On the history of the Necker, Berlin: Gardener Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1886

Nettelbeck: Joachim Nettelbeck, Citizens of Kolberg – a biography Christian Joachim Nettelbeck, Band 1, Leipzig: 1821

Neumarkter: Family tree of the Neumarkhave, in: Communications of the Association for the History of the City of Nuremberg, Bd. 41

Niedermann: The family of painters from Niedermann Guttstadt, Adolf Poschmann 1940?

Nimmerrichter-Barilitsch: My memories of the family-Nimmerrichter Barilitsch, von Elizabeth N. Walters, 1917

Nothmann: Family history of Nothmann, Manuscript of Frederick Nothmann

Nüscke: History of the company Nüscke & Co. Shipyard, Boilermakers and Engineering Institute

Ohswald: Descendants of Christopher Ohswald (born 11.12.1650 in body) Jan Stahr

Oppenheim: Lowenstein, Leopold: Pedigree (August Oppenheim) Mannheim: Lehrberger Rödelheim 1908

Oertel: Short message from Mr. Siegmund Oertel an ancestor of Hochadelichen Hall and Homer Kressischen sex, bey which the solemn hall Risch Kressischen marriage… von Georg Andreas Will, 1754

Ortgies: The family Ortgies, in: Chronicle Bielefeld families, of W. Fricke Bielefeld : Helmich, 1887

Otth: Burckhardt, August: On the genealogy of the family Otth, in: Basel Magazine of History and Archaeology, 201059-8, 0067-4540, 32, 1933

Palavicini: The Pallavicini family history of the House of Austria and Hungary

Pope: Genealogy of the family Pape in Warstein, in: History of the City Warstein, Josef Bender, Werl: Stein, 1844

Pawel: The Pavel, Brunswick a patrician family from its beginnings to the present, in: BraunsJb 62, 1981, S. 21-39

Peltzer: Macco, Hermann Friedrich: History and genealogy of the families Peltzer, Aachen 1901

Petersen: Mayor Petersen, a picture of life, Adolf Wohlwill, Hamburg: Commeter, 1900

Peucer: Family Tree Peucer (3. Complement Beuttenmüller, Otto: Descendants of Philipp Melanchthon. A genealogical collection. Ubstadt-Weiher 1997) by Kai-Uwe Ekrutt

Plathner: The family Plathner (Stolberg) Articles for Family Plathner with other digitized

Plagge: Descendants of Reinhard Plagge and Margretha Martens

Plochl: Genealogical Notes Family Plochl, by Hannes P. Snacking branch

Poensgen: Kelleter, Heinrich: The history of the family Poensgen, Part 1, Dusseldorf: Bagel 1908

Polzer: Scripta Polzeriana genealogical

Poschmann: 400 Years on the same soil : Family history of Poschmann in Komainen, Adolf Poschmann, Brown Mountain: Warmia newspaper- publishing and printing, 1932

Pothorst: Hans Pothorst, one of the early explorers of America and his family in Hamburg, Hildegard of v. Marchtaler, in: Journal of Hamburg History, Bd. 58, 1972, S. 83-90

Prandtner: Genealogical records of the genealogy of the family Deggendorfer Prandtner, Alfons Huber, in: Deggendorf history leaves, Bd. 4 (1984) S. 65-74

Queisser: The Queißer, Lusatian a farmer sex, Supplements and equipment to the family tree, of W. Queisser

Rambach: The family Rambach, von Theodor Hansen, Perthes 1875 The ancestral lines can be found in the database

Ramge: Story of a family name, Hans Ramge, Department of Germanic, 2007

Rampf: History of the clan Rampf, an old German farmer, Mercenary- and sex trade, Rudolf Rampf, Vienna 1975

Rapp: The Stuttgart businessman Heinrich Gottlob Rapp: 1761-1832; a contribution to the art- History and culture, Württembergische in Quarterly Journal of History, N.F. 1, S. 141-174, by Georg August Wintterlin, 1892

Reimmann: The Protestant pastor and family Theune Reimmann in Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt from 16. to 18. Century, by Ruprecht Ziemssen, Bernhard Pabst und Carlos Theune

Reuss: Descendants of August Reuss, spiritual administrator to Marbach (1709-1776) Overview of the ascendants and collateral relatives, Schwäbisch Hall, 1861

Riemann: Ancestor list of mathematician Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866) Very detailed genealogies to (Stisser, Goldstein, Hattorf, Willich, Bötticher, Schneidewein etc., can be found in the database

Riemensperger: Riemensperger, Remsberg, Ramsburg, Remsburg Genealogy

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