Church History

The Mecklenburg-Schwerin's parishes since the 30-year war


Gustav was born on Willgeroth 11.11.1865 Wismar was a reliable guarantee for national publications on Mecklenburg customer.

An ancestor of printed 1548 Luther's Bible


It's an extraordinary book, The Hannelore Lufft their own calls: Well 15 Centimeters thick, it is probably, The yellowed pages strong, many of them torn. The relief and is decorated with metal-reinforced leather cover not less worn.

Count Palatine Philipp Ludwig of Neuburg, his son and the Jesuits


An image from the age of the Counter-Reformation…

Presbyterologie of Protestant Silesia

ink and feather pen

Churches- preacher and history of cities and principalities Brieg, Breslau, Great Glogau and the principalities and Crossen Carolat-Bytom comprehensive.

German and Wendish church villages of Lusatia (Presbyterologia Lusatiae superioris)


The pastor and superintendent, Johann Christian Jancke (1757-1834) left a valuable collection of manuscripts and books, among other things, this sensational treasure, found in the genealogies are a lot of