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Professor catalogs from six universities (catalogus professorum)

Gerhard Johann Vossius

Professors and lecturers at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) of 1870 to 1995 in alphabetical order. Edited by Dr. Klaus Graf (Document files) Joan and Marcel Zigan Oeben, with references (Archival) to the local people in all finding aids University Archives of the.

146 Biographies of namesakes, Rectors, Honourable senators, and Nobel Laureates RWTH Aachen from the founding of the Polytechnic in 1870 to date, as well as the Personnel files RWTH – Academic staff in the departments and institutes 1912 – 2005

Professors at the University of Amsterdam 1632 to date (Album Academicum Professors and Graduates)

In the seventeenth century, the city of Leiden, the exclusive right, Hold university examinations in the province of Holland. The city of Amsterdam was dissatisfied with this situation. Finally, an institution of higher education increases the prestige of a city. A first local university was founded, called the Athenaeum Illustre. Although no university – obtaining a Ph.D. was not possible – offered the Athenaeum Illustre a sound education. The students were then able to finish their education at another university. The first two professors in Amsterdam, both from the University of Leiden, were top class: Gerhardus Johannes Vossius (1577-1649) Humanist und Theologe, who taught history, and Caspar Barlaeus, Philosopher.

The professors of the University of Leipzig

In the catalog so far are all professors included, between the university reform 1830/31 have and the actual end of the profane taught in the early GDR at Leipzig University. The selected time period corresponds with the university so historically important phases since the reorganization of the University in the 1830s and its development into a modern large-scale scientific operation.

List of classical faculties of 1409 to 1945

Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Law
Medical school
Faculty of Arts to 1920
Humanities I. 1920 – 1951 (Philology and History Dept.) and Humanities II. 1920 – 1951 (Mathematics and Natural Sciences Dept.)
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 1923 to 1968

The fate of their members in the political upheavals of the 20. Century, with particular emphasis. A chronological extension to the period before 1831 and after 1990 is currently being drafted. Criterion for inclusion is, As with other catalogs of this type, the title of professor. The individual professors with their most important life data, Presented career stations and publications. As far as possible, of all people, a picture can be adjusted.

Rektoren und Dekane der Universität Leipzig (Download)

The rectors of the University of Cologne

With 47 Portraits of presidents from the time of 1919 to date, this collection provides not only the individual characterization of the rectors of the chosen representation, The decoration and because of its completeness an impression of self-understanding of the university and its changes over the decades; Moreover it represents a piece of history for a wealthy society and university breaks century. The idea, reasons for having such a gallery of Rectors for the new university a tradition, was 1925 Heinrich Lehmann brought to his successor Fritz Stier-Somlo.

Were already in the old medieval university made occasional portraits of rectors. Of the total 807 Rectors to the closure of the university 1798 are 61 Portraits known; this low number may be especially at the beginning of very short, are often located only a few-month tenure. A file created by Hans Blum overview is available in the administrative. These are portraits of himself 20 in possession of the Cologne Gymnasium- and Endowment Fund, partly because the principals were connected to each pin benefice churches; 10 are in the Wallraf-Richartz Museum, one in the Alte Pinakothek, Munich, and a copy of a portrait of the last rector Ferdinand Franz Wallraf hangs in the hall of the Rectorate.

The professors of the University of Rostock

Der Catalogus Professorum Rostochiensium (CPR) Processing of the Research Centre University history together with the library and the archives of the University of Rostock. In Catalogus all professors of the University of Rostock to Date 1419 documented. The catalog is still under construction. There currently are located above 1200 Entries in the Catalogus. Already fully represented the group of professors has been 1992/93 to 2009. The professors of the communist era (1946 to 1990/92) are contained in large part. For between 1600 and 1800 professors are working document entries. All 238 Rostock professors 17. and 18. Century are represented in the Catalogus. All professors and university teachers of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty since 1945 contained. The other periods are still in progress.

Catalogue of the Chancellor, Vice-chancellor, Managing directors, Curators… CATALOGUS CANCELLARIORUM Academiae rostochiensis

The chancellor of a university is not a definite institution over the centuries, but has a strong function- meaning change and learn. Is characteristic of the Office of the Registrar, that it was outside the corporation of teachers and students of universities and exercised a degree of control of these. The Chancellor of medieval universities – usually high church officials on Universitätsort representing the universal papal authority – watched over the awarding of academic degrees and for a guarantee of the formal validity of the acquired in each university teaching certificate in the entire sphere of influence of the church. The Papal Foundation privilege for the University of Rostock 1419 certain bishops to the Schwerin chancellors and their deputies to Rostock archdeacons. Students, who wanted to be a PhD after successfully studying for master's or doctoral, should be presented to the Chancellor and is imparted by this license to teach, and the degree. After the Reformation, and finally with the Peace of Westphalia 1648 Schwerin Bishopric came and with it the Kanzellariat the University of Rostock in the Mecklenburg Duke House. The reigning dukes or. Dukes of Mecklenburg exercised their right as chancellor to 1918 from, while elsewhere it was mostly deligiert have long or permanently lost their significance had. With each promotion in Rostock was the approval of the Duke caught up in his role as chancellor and a fee paid. The actual granting of the license, however, was for a long time mostly formality. For the actual implementation of the graduation from the graduation ceremony, a Prokanzler among Rostock professors appointed, Most of the Dean of the Faculty.

Alphabetical index of the professors at Halle's alma mater in the years 1817 to 1968