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Documented history of sex in Oertzen

The sex of the one of the most famous Oertzen old aristocratic families of Mecklenburg and is still thriving indigenous families from all of the oldest old Obotritenlandes, insofar as its documented history reaches back the furthest and is lost in the times of Wendish rule. Distinguished by an honorable character, an ancient possession of goods, and often seemingly unusual abilities, the family has not only the homeland, but also other countries, a very large number of men found, which seven hundred years through the Council in peace and in war crime[...]

About the nobility belonging to the family of the deaf from Duve, otherwise known as

In the Ostseelanden Russlands, Prussia and Sweden to meet with the families of origin uradeliger a name, in the usual form today is the same well, the upward-sloping but very determined in earlier centuries apart in two main directions is both linguistically and guides as well as homely and nationality according to very different roots. This is the name of pigeon; at one of these races up to the conducting forms Daube, Dube Dube and thus to Upper Saxony, Thuringia, Bohemia; at the other by the[...]

History and records of sex tap

The name is both noble cock, and in middle-class families very common. The following documentary history of the cock between sex does not cover all occurring in the different provinces, different sexes name Hahn, even in modern times, ennobled families of the same name: it includes only the old Mecklenburg family, which in 1469 loaned to the hereditary marshal-Office of the State and Stargard in the penultimate heir, the District Marshal Friedrich Hahn on the Remplin 7. September 1802 was elevated to the realm of count.

History of sex in Altrock

The very old sex by Altrock were in Mecklenburg resident freeholders. As such, they also referred to by Lehsten in his book on the Mecklenburg nobility. Probably the spelling of the family name changed over time. Found in documents is only the spelling “Oltrock” in the appointment of the Duke Adolph Frederick III, of Mecklenburg-Strelitz from 30. More 1728 for Johann Oltrock. A second document of the same prince from 27. March 1732 already shows the current spelling. For the spellings Oldrock, OLTROGGE und Altrogge[...]

Life of Ehrenfried Walther v. Tschirnhaus

Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus, Lord of Kieslingswalde and Stoltzenberg, was near Goerlitz on 10.4.1651 afternoon at 18:00 Born on the clock and 12.4. baptized. He became famous as a naturalist was (Alchemist, Educationalists, Mathematician, Mineralogist, Philosopher, Physicist, Engineer, Volcanologist)