Georg Rüxner: Early origin and tradition of the tournament in Teutscher Nation


The output of the tournament book of 1530 contains the description of a total 36 Joust, between the 938 and 1487 held, with a list of all participants. Those: Early origin and tradition of the tournament in Teutscher Nation, Georg Rüxner, Simmern: H. Roder, 1530 (Reprint) (ThurnierBuch – From the beginning, Vrsachen, vrsprung, vnd the Thurnier come in Heyligen Roman Empire Teutscher nation of 1530)

Eduard Fuchs: Illustrated social history from the Middle Ages to the present


Eduard Fuchs was regarded as an extremely more profound scholar – his thinking purely scientific, But he made no secret science knowledge and understanding. Who promotes new areas of scientific research and explore new ways, one of a series of designers. Among them will Eduard Fuch a very high rank. He has written the first in Germany have a history of caricature, we thank him the first German customs History.

Digitized yearbooks of the Brunswick Historical Society from 1902-2004


The Brunswick Historical Society now exists since the year 1901 and has since different , some periodical publications on regional history of the space between resin , Lüneburg Heath and Weser published .

Die Prestinari: Italian immigrants of 17. and 18. Century in Germany

At the turn of 17. and 18. Century a strong immigration of Italians in Germany. There were some craftsmen, especially skilled workers in the field of construction (Builder, Plasterers, Painters and chimney) There were also merchants and traders (Tropical fruit) They came from many prestigious, even the country's aristocratic families belonging to northern Italy, the result of warlike complications and difficult economic conditions in their own home did not have satisfactory income. They started in Germany, often with minimal resources, brachten es aber durch ihre Tüchtigkeit häufig in kürzester Zeit  [...]

Cosmo of Simmer: Historische genealogische Cosmographia

Register oder Index seiner zehnjährigen Arbeit und historischen genealogischen Cosmographia oder Welt-Beschreibung   Cosmus von Simmer (1581-1650) the son of the alderman Kolberger Jochim and his wife Judith Simmer Brunswick after his voice began studying and traveling across Europe in 1605 at the “Historical genealogy Cosmographia” to write, originally 14 Folios included. What remains of it is left, here for my readers as a Digital Edition. Cosmo was on 10. October knighted in Wroclaw. Literature on the author: Gottfried von Bülow: Cosmo of Simmer. In: Allgemeine  [...]