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Theodore Kallmeyer: The evangelical churches and preachers Kurland


[wpseo]Theodore Kallmeyer[/wpseo], Pastor in Landsen, has a large part of his life spent, Materials for the history of the Lutheran churches Kurland and a Courland [wpseo]Preacher encyclopedia[/wpseo] to collect.

The Protestant clergy in East- and West Prussia since the Reformation


Concise messages from everyone since the Reformation the Protestant churches in West Prussia salaried preachers : at the instigation of the Royal Consistory, by Ludwig Rhesa (1776-1840) Kaliningrad, 1834 Concise messages from all since 1775 the Protestant churches in East Prussia salaried preachers : as a continuation of Arnold Chen Presbyterologie on the initiative of the Royal Consistory, by Ludwig Rhesa (1776-1840) Kaliningrad, 1840

List of evangelical parishes, Churches, Chapels and clergy in Pomerania


Those: Bretschneider, August: List of evangelical parishes, Churches and chapels, Church of the cartridge and the Protestant ministers in office at the province of Pomerania : stating the occupation rights of parishes, Szczecin: Louis Verlag Pasenow, 1924 (With a name list of the clergy, the churches and chapels)