Philosopher Dieter Leisegang

dieter_leisegangIn the early morning hours of 21.3.1973 shot himself in Offenbach, the philosopher Dieter Leisegang.

In the hours before, he had written letters. One was addressed to the Criminal, in which he his free decision to commit suicide and that he told the weapon, had no knowledge of their existence have, had during his stay in South Africa specially purchased for this purpose.

1968 He was at the Art School Offenbach a lecturer in aesthetics, as well as a teaching text and rhetoric at the college for industry advertising and promotion in Kassel. 1971 Chief copywriter and concept developer for Deutsche Olivetti in Frankfurt, 1972 Guest lecturer at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg (South Africa) He had not had an easy time in his life. Born as the twelfth child of the painter and cartographer Leisegang and Gustav caused by malnutrition in the war- and suffering from tuberculosis and post-war years, he had 1966 interrupt his studies.

For an operation 1967 it was removed a lung. Nevertheless, he was smoking tons! Leisegang was not comparable to other, most important role models in his life were “Kleist and Büchner”. He hated flattery and obtrusive posturing. If you read his works, it is deeply. Run on some of his statements is a really chill down the back and a deep thoughtfulness, and the question is automatically, what he has in the last hours before his death have thought and felt. And none of his books of poetry and philosophical writings will ever be forgotten by now.

Inter alia: “Dimension und Totalität” and “For personal reasons” From this I will quote one of his poems from the year 1969:

“You said: I love – But love is, guess the fear, the disease known. You said: You – But you, This is a body full of pain, a life of hatred and envy.”

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