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Lucia Dorothea Liesegang married Johann Gottlieb Lesser from Nordhausen

The appeal must be in front of the 11. November 1729 have taken place, because on this day married Johann Gottlieb in the Lesser Preetzer Fleckenskirche Lucia Dorothea LIESEGANG. Then in June he 1726 Utrecht promo celebrates ist be, can be his calling EDT Preetz between these two events. Johann Gottlieb Lesser was the personal physician to the Duke of Plön.

His marriage 1729 mit Lucia Dorothea Liesegang

On the occasion of the marriage with Johann Gottlieb Lucia LIESEGANG released his brother Friedrich Christian Lesser in Nordhausen, a font, which is also the first printed family history is LESSER:

“Genealogical news of the blessed Leßerischen race which bey fortunate Leßerischen- Liesegangischen marriage and so the connection 11. November 1729 was completed in Hollstein happy to Preetz, Nordhausen (Coeler) 1729″

Friedrich Christian apologizes, that he has not paid the usual congratulatory poem, But he explains this:

“Alone with standard usern Studiis is my poetry bisgen, I taught it before the, fallen almost even in Plug”.

Due to the death of his first wife, he is unable to come to Preetz, as he originally intended. Since his congratulatory text has been printed until five days before the wedding, you can tell, that at the time of transport from 350km away Nordhausen in sufficient time has been possible {F.C. Lesser, 1729, S. 3, 11}. A detailed biography of Friedrich Christian Lesser *12-5-1692 in Nordhausen, is here read.


Although Friedrich Christian assesses his poetic vein as weak, he devotes the bride and groom in prose but warm words. It is interesting now revived importance of the zodiac signs for the life of the couple {F.C. Lesser, 1729, S. 11f.}:

“Being the Lord of heaven let your marriage a heaven, on which to find nothing but good character and Aspecten. And like my lord's brother, his dearest bride as maid heyrathet, Sun wants the highest in your existing professional woman the character of those Zwillinger, I want to say can see the growth of their family. No more troubling Aries, Taurus or Capricorn, thrust your luck again. Their wealth of souls never find in cancer. The lion of the tribe of Judah, wake you. Dero love'm always in the same scales. No gifftiger Scorpion violated their honor. no wicked shooter to shoot the arrows of slander. God will never leave the sign of Aquarius the water to go to the soul. Your table SEY always full of fish and whatever else belongs to the maintenance. Inbesonderheit the Most High my brother the bey of his practice, medication so famous, as Galenum, Hipocratem und Thessalum; as happy as the Machaon, Galenum u. Philippum; so honored, as the Aesculapium, Levers Valensem und Anthony Muse; and be as rich as the Petrum Aponensem. He let his marriage wertheste Dearest Being an ornament in his house, a joy in their intercourse, a pastime of loneliness, and a vine in his marriage bed. And just as I do not begrudge you more good, want as my mouth or my pen writing kan, So too will the gracious God fervently request, that he wanted this hertz Lichen desire in our hochgebenedepeyeten Heylande Christ Jesus graciously secundiren with his Fiat, It's all new and custody beyderseits hochgeehrteste relatives, But me and my family, all of which together beyfügen official greeting to my wishes to yours, Their Fraternal Affection recommend, in non-indented loyalty awaiting …”

His bride is the 11. September 1711 been baptized in the 20km northeast of Preetz located Lütjenburg. Lucia's godparents are coming from Lütjenburg Lucia Bünemann, The Virgin Dorothea Lischen JAHN, also from Lütjenburg and Christoph Jacob BÜTZAU (….-1745), Administrator of the estate at Neukirchen Satjewitz {KB Lutjenburg}. This estate is located in the northeastern corner of Holstein, 10km from the present bridge over the distance Fehmarsund. Its plow number is 20 {Villages S. 235}. Johann Gottlieb's late father John Thomas LIESEGANG up 1714 been a deacon in Lütjenburg. Her mother Agnes Sophia, give. Bützow (?-13.9.1745 Preetz) comes from a wealthy family, an inheritance from her line will be even more important for the family LESSER. From the marriage record of her parents 11. October 1710 Lütjenburg can be taken any further information on the origin of their mother.

The goods in the Oldenburg district is situated Good Satjewitz since 16. Century, the family v. Rantzau. Owner is 1646 Hans Rantzau and 1700 Cai Rantzau Löhrstorf and then 1712 Field Marshal Baron Cuno Joshua v. Bulow, it 1736 to his son, Count Ernst August V. BÜLOW inherited {Schroeder / S Biernatzki. 387}.

The late professor of theology at Kiel, Christian Gotthilf HENSLER (1770-1812), married 1786 in Satjewitz daughter Anna Catharina Elizabeth Wulff (1763-1789) the owner and tenant of Satjewitz by Behrens and Red Stone Brook John Dominic WULFF. HENSLER is a son of Philip Gabriel, professor of medicine HENSLER (1727-1794) and Christine Lucia, give. KRAMER, both descendants of priests in Preetz {Hensler S. 40}.

A merchant will Hartwig Bünemann 1714 Guild member Preetz, after he married the widow of the writer's guild Christopher Pauli and the owner of Mill Street 4 Preetz become ist {Heintzen / S Pauselius. 71}.

Johann Gottlieb's father is on LIESEGANG 24. March 1669 in Kehmstedt {not Remstädt such as burden 1983, S. 19} been baptized as a son of the pastor Hans Basilus Liesegang from Ellrich. Since this place is only 12km west of Nordhausen, birthplace of Johann Gottlieb Lesser is, can not be excluded, that the two have had their homes relations, for his brother Friedrich Christian pastor in Nordhausen. In the list we find the name of correspondent LIESEGANG, As with everyone else but no first name. Where there are concerns about Johann Gottlieb's father (such as clean 1997, S. 169 accepts) is unlikely, because with his death 1714 Christian Friedrich is only 22 Years old and he is in this year with his godfather Johann Friedrich LESSER (1660-1719) in Berlin. Since that time he also still in the training, He should have had no money, correspond to already.

The name comes LIESEGANG but also in Nordhausen in the 16. Century, as well but as the name PRAETORIUS, this is the name of Johann Gottlieb's second wife. At the 7. June 1712 married in Nordhausen, the wool weaver Johann Conrad LIESEGANG Johanna Charlotte PRAETORIUS {KB Nordhausen / Blasius} the family name of Johann Gottlieb's wives come together here..

LIESEGANG visits from 1. More 1689 the University of Jena and receives 1706 to the diaconate in Lütjenburg its probably the first place. The parish register of Lütjenburger 1622 to 1791 includes, in addition to the usual church records and invoices, Church of the expense of church patrons, Foundations, Preacher elections etc. In addition to the priest and the deacon, there is a sexton, the same organ is {Kessler S. 31, 41}. Only after long disputes can CLAUSSEN Lorentz pastor to build a parsonage 1697 enforce, the construction of a new year Diakonatshauses 1735 not seen LIESEGANG {Kessler S. 54}.

After lengthy disputes leaves Claussen 1700 Lütjenburg, his successor as head pastor is Easter 1701 there Altonaer Rudolf Robert LOWE (1670-1738). He is dean of George Henry Burchardi (1624-1701) imported from port saint in his office. In the 1706 conducted by the General Visitation Church General Superintendent Joshua Schwartz (1632-1709) LION is attacked by his parishioners because of irregular preaching and unfair fee increases.

1761 receives the minister 70 M and the deacon 50 M. This is only an indication of the low fixed fee of LIESEGANG be in his prime, but the bears came to compensation for official duties and in kind as well as free housing {Kessler S. 60f}. Church Inventory 1718, Election protocol 1717 check.

The younger sister Sophia Amalia LIESEGANG Johann Gottlieb's wife is from the 8. October 1713 in Lütjenburg getauft be, But already at the 11. April the following year was buried there. Next year is another sister Sophia Catharina on 14. April getauft be {KB Lutjenburg}.

1714 is LIESEGANG pastor in Gettorf west of Kiel and died there on 7. January 1720. Interestingly, he is not in Gettorf, but on 30. buried in the least 40km away Lütjenburg {KB Lutjenburg}. Whether his widow moved with their two daughters to Preetz or it will be cared for by her brother on the farm with a house is open Satjewitz, but to accept, because there is no widow, then supply it in the church is not yet.

John Thomas born in Kehmstedt, kinship was probably closely connected with Johann Friedrich Liesegang (Konsistorial-Kanzlist)* at 1680 + 1746, who was married to Marie Schroeder. Their son, Christopher Philip *1722 was special superintendent in Ebstorf.


Recordings of Johann Gottlieb and his descendants, communicated by Dipl.-Kfm. Andrew Lesser in Munich. The family tree of Johann Gottlieb Lesser (here as a PDF) and all background information can be found on the website of the Friedrich Christian Lesser Foundation and in my database.


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