The Hanseatic League and the German knights in the Baltic countries

The work deals with the external history of the German Baltic countries by the middle of the 13. until the end of 14. Century.

These are the times, which arises in the northern German city club and get the ride to the highest power of Roden. Detail, the period of the Baltic state and knight of the Hanseatic League described; the military activities of the Order, The role of Rudolf of Hapsburg in the northern Baltic, Clash of the Hansa with Denmark..





Kurd from Schlozer, Publisher William Hertz (Besser'sche bookshop) 1851 (Download)


Resources on Hanseatic

  • Geschichte der deutschen Hanse in der zweiten Hälfte des 14. Century / by Dr. It. R. Daenell, Printed and published by B.G. Teubner, 1897 (Download)
  • Decline and Fall of the Hansa and the Teutonic Order in the Baltic countries / Kurd from Schlözer; Berlin : Hertz, 1853 (Download)
  • History of the German Hansa. 1 Part. Vom Ursprung der Hansa bis auf festere Ausbildung derselben um’s Jahr 1270 / of F.W. Barthold, T.O. Weigel, 1854 (Download)
  • History of the German Hansa. 2 Part. Von der festeren Ausbildung der Hansa bis auf die Union von Kalmar (1270-1397) / of F. In. Barthold, T. D. Weigel, 1854 (Download)
  • History of the German Hansa. 3 Part. von der Union von Kalmer bis zum Verlöschen der Hansa (1397-1630) / of F. In. Barthold, T. D. Weigel, 1854 (Download)

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