History of the Lords and Counts of Eltz

A well-known representatives of this family was Jacob von Trier Elector. He was born the son of Johann Eltz, Bailiff in Landeck and the merge of Breitbach in 1510. After graduation, he was on 15. September 1525 be sworn as a canon of Trier. Since 1564 He was rector of the University of Trier and the 3. December 1565 appointed Georg Graf von Sayn Wittgenstein as a deputy and the 31.10. 1566 appointed Elector John VI. the canon of Trier Jacob to oversee the church bills, because it involved a little strange zugehe…

Also Elector Karl Philipp of Mainz comes this family. He was born the son of Hans Jacob Eltz-Kempenich and Maria Antonetta Schenkin Schmitt castle on 26. October 1665, probably in Kempenich. He was 1677 be sworn in as the canon of Mainz and Trier canon of. In 1710 He was choirmaster in Mainz and 1729 Dompropst in Trier, where at the time he was already big Archdeacon. In 1719 choosing the Electors of Trier Georg Philipp Karl von Schönborn was referred to the imperial court worked, thanked him for the Emperor Charles VI. hand…


Messrs. Eltz to brother division, the line to Uettingen Eltz, the lines Langenau, Pirmont, Blew Castel, Rodendorf, Brunswick and Wecklingen. The Eltz of the Golden Lion, the line to Eltz Schoeneck and Kempenich, the line to Rübenach, The Eltz with buffalo horns.


Roth, Friedrich Wilhelm Emil: History of the Lords and Counts of Eltz : with special consideration of the line of the Golden Lion at Eltz archival research on basic, Mainz: Wallau, 1889 Band 1 and Band 2

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