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The noble Adelebsen

Wappen-AdelebsenThis old noble family belonged to the nobility and Göttingen first appears in documents in 1111 Knights of Bertholdus miles de Wicbike. After moving to the castle, the brothers Adelebsen Dietmar and Bodo 1234 mentioned in documents.

As Reichl marriages, the family had acquired the dominion Grone at Göttingen. They belonged to the nobility of the knights economic Calenberger country.

Frederick Ulrich of Adelebsen *8.5.1611 Country Captain and Drost to Salzderhelden

When his father died, he was just 5 Years old. His guardians were the governor of Bartold Rautenberg and Syndic Dr. Francis Klein ordered. He was taught by private tutors.

1626 The war began and Friedrich Ulrich joined 1629 in the Imperial Regiment under Colonel Schonberger one. 1636 He came into the Count of Wartenberg'sche regiment as captain. 1639 he acknowledged the service and was captain at Duke George of Brunswick-Lüneburg in Danne Bergisches regiment to 1642.

In 1645 heiratete er Catharina Magdalena von Uslar, the daughter of Albrecht of Tilo Uslar. His career continued 1657 as lieutenant-colonel in King Christian IV. from Denmark he 1661 was ordered by Duke Christian Ludwig of Brunswick-Luneburg Drost for the Office Salzderhelden and Country captain of the Principality Grubenhagen. He had one son and four daughters.

After a serious accident he was damage to the head, His doctors were Dr. Kotzebue and Dr. Berckelmann, Physicus in Einbeck. He died after severe Schlagfuß on 16. December 1663. With him died the whole “Bodische line” (Line of the Bodo Adelebsen) The ancestral lines can be found in detail in the database.

Frederick Ulrich of Adelebsen, Erbherr on Adelebsen, Land- and Schatzrat *1653

After he received his first lessons from his parents, they sent him to the Pädagogium in Göttingen 2 Years under Rector Tolle. From there he went to the school to Lüneburg and knights in 1672 at the Strasbourg Academy.

1674 He went back home, because the father had died. After his subsequent travels in the Netherlands, he took up his duties as a deputy of the nobility and was a few years later at Ernst August Schatzrat, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, Bishop of Osnabrück and Elector of the Holy Empire. 1686 he was appointed Commissar Licent. Easter 1686 He married Anna Elisabeth from Wettin to Winckel. With her he had 5 Sons and 2 Daughters.

Dominus Detmarus the Elder formerly called Letgast.

Also Detmarus the Elder, said to be the first of his race, has apparently taken a different name, before he was called Letgast, just like Werner Letgast. It is also found under the name Titmarius or Thitmar Lethgast. I said in the book by Werner dike "The Goslar Reichsvogtei money" I stumbled over the fact, that exist for the author is little doubt, Thitmar Lethgast that is really identical to a man named Thitmar of Adelebsen.

The topic is also in the book of the year 2007 „The noblemen of Meinersen. Genealogy, Domination and possession of 12. to 14. Century " von Peter Przybilla, Uwe Ohainski and Gerhard prank taken:

….. The negotiations for the documentary confirmation Duke Otto I. took place in Braunschweig, and Total 22 Witness was a "Dietmar Lethgast" the third from last in a group of 16 hzgl. Ministeralien. Dike (S. 105 f.) sees in him clearly "Dietmar of Adelebsen”, of his former 'headquarters Download the entire article

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