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Lothar von Supplinburg

The tradition of the ancestors of Emperor Lothar goes back not far. Through his father Gebhard, the sex of the Counts of Supplinburg risen to some importance to be. But while running the genealogists, the descent of the mother Gebhards further, They conceal the name of his father. To create clarity in, was a task for this book. Gender of Lothar's mother, there are rich sources. Her name was Hedwig and came from the family of the Bavarian counts of Formbach. Your Genealogy discussed in detail the Saxon[...]

The Counts and Karl Ludwig von Zinzendorf and Pottendorf and the history of the house Zinzendorf

The ancient and distinguished gentleman state of Lower Austria is one of those twelve-sex old sex, who used to be called in the country, the twelve apostles. In the original matriculation of Lower Austria's ruling class, the next eight other Zinzendorfsche sex is still thriving with no recorded date of admission to the Lord as; But in the original matriculation of the equestrian whose name is not found. The ending of the name of Zinzendorf suggests a German origin. In the oldest records we sometimes find Czinczendorf, sometimes written Zünczendorf. One of the first dwelling was by all appearances[...]

The Valais district administrator or stag since the year 1500

The major contracts, the 1569 closed with the return of the two bailiwicks Evian and Valley between the Valais and the Duke of Savoy were and some of the prior trial reports have been written both in German and in French and Latin.

Armorial Valaisan: Welsh armorial


Of course, the family coat of arms are the arms of the great feudal families, the oldest. At its peak here is the house of Savoy, had several hundred years, extensive possessions in Rottental. A seal of the Year 1143 Archives of the Abbey of St. Maurice is also the oldest known seal of this Dynastenfamilie and indeed one of the first crest documents. The civic coat of arms before 1600 in the Upper Valais, mix of house signs, Family marks her, were performed gradually drawing. Craft and residence gave rise to another crest. In the 17. Century was to[...]

Margaret of Parma, Regent of the Netherlands

Just south of Ghent, the town of Oudenaarde, known by the victory, here the 1708 Marlborough and Prince Eugene won over the French. Symbol a mighty castle, the 1385 was built by Philip the Bold. Emperor Charles V. was accompanied here by his court, and pitched his ministers in the war against the French in his Headquarters. So important in political terms, his stay was, but he found leisure to begin a love affair. It is, here it recognized for the first time the passion for a woman.[...]