Stolbergische churches- and Urban History

The chronicler, Theologian and writer Johann Arnold time Fuchs was the son of George Arnold on pastors 26. February 1671 Born in Rosperwenda. After attending school in Nordhausen in high school and then in Quedlinburg, He studied theology in Jena.

1707 He was a deacon at St. Stolberg. Martini introduced, it was 1717 the management of the orphanage. 1719 Fox was appointed Konsistorialassessor time and by the Count Christoph Friedrich Justus and Christian for spiritual offices of the inspector and Konsistorialassessor herring and Kelbra. Time Fuchs was the author of “Stolbergischen churches- and Urban History” in the 1717 appeared, and many other theological works. He worked from 1707 until his death 1742 Stolberg including at the funeral sermon collection of Countess Sophie Eleonore of Stolberg and the hymnal Stolbergischen.

In his work Stolbergische churches- and urban history, he covers these topics:

# Origin and country-region of Thuringia and the Harz
# of which allhier resident counts and country-men
# of the town of Stolberg
# of the former church Patrono, St. Martina
# of the parish church of St. Martin
# von Vicarien, Altars, Stifftungen u. Seelmessen
# of the Castle Church, St., Juliana genannt
# from the chapel of Heil.Jungfrauen and the home leg at St. Martini, item from the hospital- bey and the God-Acker-churches
# by the great priest and calendering- also St. Sebastian's brothers Creates allhier
# of religion- Reformation and being in the city and in the country
# different Befehdungen / Skirmishes / Revolts and Pressuren
# the Hussite Wars in the 15. Century, what extent local Graff shaft to concurriret and contribuiret
# by peasants wars and Hartz Protect
# of the Kupffer Müntze a. 1618, and following years
# from the Germans 30 years war
# Continuation of those passages / Einquartirungen / Contributions of the other weighting
# of plague and contagious diseases
# of fire- and fire-Noth
# Wasser-Schaden/Theurung/ungewöhnlicher of weather
# of sudden death- change and disaster traps
# all sorts of rarities and alterthüml. Merckwürigkeiten
# Directory which Gräfl.Officianten,Cantzler,Räthe u. Officials
# Directory of the churches-Ministerii ago, bey and after the Reformation
# Navigation E.E. City council of anno 1400 to jetzo
# Directory for the local school Collegii

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