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Pastors and church history in Osterode am Harz

Generalsuperintendent Johann LiesegangAt the 3.12.1660 Johann died Liesegang, General Superintendent. In Quedlinburg in 1616 born, He attended the University of Helmstedt. He is 1640 named as respondent.

At the age of 30 Years after he was in Osterode, rector of the Latin school and already 2 Years he was pastor at the St. Jacobi Castle Church. John Liesegang enjoyed following an observation of Easter, or churches- and school records of the benevolence of the country by Drosten Hodenberg. This benevolence, however, was referring primarily to the mountain and then transferred to Liesegang and went to the note so far, that he came not just for pastorate Liesegang's successor in, but also the ways in which marriage led.

He had been 1648 with the daughter of his predecessor, Anna Christine, General Superintendent of the mountain married. The introduction of Liesegang as General Superintendent was for an entry in the St Kopulationsregister. Aegidii on 8.2.1659 on royal command and consens in the Consistory in Osterode in the presence of the Councils and the whole Ministry. Been in his tenure, he has a conscientious and loyal workers be, because immediately after the death of his father, the Duke possessed, that it becomes a general superintendent of the royal house Grubenhagen “legitimate and solemniter” should be invested and confirmed ".

Or pictures of the Easter pastors and cantors

St. Jacobi Schlosskirche in OsterodeHis merit is, that between the Duke and the City Council has the 9. April 1659 a recess came about, by the parish of St. Mary, which had remained vacant since "von Einem's" progress, was rebuilt and occupied. The under Kleinschmidt 1625 an St. Jacobi established chaplaincy was through this recess St. Mary to such extent, that the parish St. James and St. Mary (Suburb) a common point of both communities was.

While in the first place, the Council had operated the matter, especially since many legal issues were considered, Liesegang but was probably involved in the negotiations. Liesegang was granted a short validity. Suddenly at the age of 44 Died on Liesegang 3.12.1660 in Osterode. Wife, Anna Christina died a year after her beloved husband. By his death, she was penniless and had three children later laboriously struggle through life as orphans. All three learned a trade, the descendants remained in the city. (Schubert marriage register to 1700, Bd. 1, 10. Delivery)

His successor was determined Henning Benthe. This officiated by 1661 to 1671. The wedding music (Goslar 1648) on the occasion of his marriage is in the library Calvoerschen Clausthal. There is also the root of the book is Daniel Möring with an autograph of John Liesegang.

The citizens in the book to Osterode recorded Liesegang:

Johann Just Liesegang, Citizen son, Osterode, Carter, 21. 10. 1760
Johann Georg Liesegang, Citizen son, Carter, 10. 2. 1764
Johann Just Liesegang, Citizen son, Carter, 4. 11. 1783
Johann Heinrich Just Liesegang, Citizen son, Carter, 24. 3. 1820
Georg Heinrich Liesegang, Citizen son, Carter, 26. 9.1822
Conrad Christian Liesegang, Citizen son, Carter, 31. 1. 1824
Henry Liesegang, Citizen son,Manual worker, 7. 1. 1856
Christian Liesegang, Citizen son, Manual worker, 22. 9. 1860
Theodore Liesegang, Journeyman toolmaker, m. Citizen daughter married. 25. 4.1864
Theodore Liesegang, Dyer, Citizen son, 3. 6. 1867
William Liesegang, Fuhrherr, citizen daughter has married, 1. 12. 1883
George Liesegang, Carter, 11. 8. 1888
Karl Liesegang, Citizen son, Painter, 14. 7. 1897
Theodore Liesegang, Ackermann, Citizen son, 31. 12. 1904
Gottfried Liesegang, Citizen son *30. 9. 1862, Painter, 15. 1. 1907
Hermann Liesegang, Citizen son, Master Painter, 3. 4. 1914

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Pastoren an St. JacobiCV of his father-mountain

Franz Daniel was 1599 born in Hullersen, as a son of the pastor and later general superintendent Herzberger Sigismund mountain. He studied at Jena, where she earned a master's degree. After many false starts in his youth he was 1626 as rector of the Latin School in Osterode and married the same year the merchant's daughter Anna Hollmann from Jülich. The couple had 10 Children, all born in Osterode.

1630 He was a pastor DIAC. an St. Aegidien appointed. Like many of his predecessors, he was also 1630 in the purchase- and shopkeepers' guild in Osterode a. He lived here at the 22.10.1632 the invasion of the Imperial troops under General Merode. When he and the clergy and the City Council against the terrible looting, against robbery and violence protest arose and the city imposed 30.000 Thaler could not afford, He was with the other clergy, and some respected citizens in the St. St. John's Church arrested. Mountain steadfastly endured the hardship of his community.

1639 He came as a preacher to Castle St. Jacobi, where next to him at the rectory 28.6.1643 the Generalsuperintendatur was transferred. As in the same year came out the church order Lüneburg, took three years later as assistant to the Generalissimo Mountain Dr. Walther from Celle to the general visitation in part, through which he met his diocese well.

The decision of visitation 21.8.1646 ordered a “punctual observance of the Sabbath” improved school, Infant baptism, eight days after birth, and that the young men at 20 Goldgulden penalty should have their hair cut short. 1649 Or consistory decreed that Easter, that the clergy also invest in the Wednesday sermon during communion chasuble and surplice, should read the Preface and light the altar lights. (Those: The churches u. Monasteries in Osterode, Wolfgang Mueller)

Pastoren an St. MarienOnly until 1647 Berg remained in Osterode, then gave it to him after the death of the pastor's primary. Volswet day Primariatpfarre in Clausthal. That happened to mountain with his large family to provide better than before.

At the 14.11.1647 He was introduced in Clausthal. The mountain was Generalsuperintendentur, However, because without that they thought there permanently set to. Until now, the mining towns had, which had developed as a result of the burgeoning mountain of strong, very remote and stood for the. Now was the general superintendent of a closer union with the Principality of manufactured, But it was now the turn G.S. away from the other parts of the Principality, was strong in the mountainous paths and wide into the weight fell…

Pastoren an St. AegidienIn general could G.S. in the quieter times, after the conclusion of separate peace with the Emperor, Prince Welf (1643) and completely after the Peace of Westphalia (1648) had more opportunities to see his work as his predecessors had. Since 1643 had already pulled out of the war in Lower Saxony and after 1648 could you start, rebuild, what had been lost on church property. 10 Years were not given Berg, and he will have used, He died on 5.11.1658 in Clausthal. (Those: Heimatblätter f. d. Southwestern edge of the Harz) although it is not reported Single. After Berg's death, the Generalsuperintendentur returned to Osterode.

Details of many pastors listed here you will find with detailed descriptions and ancestral lines in my database.

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