Mueller-Friedberg, the first country in the canton of St Ammann. Gall

Among the highly esteemed politicians and diplomats is one of the St. Galler Baron Mueller-Friedberg, the first country in the anno Ammann 1803 incurred Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland.

The ancestors Mueller-Friedberg's goods by the Reformation, from the canton of Glarus, Zurich moved. As a scion of this race, he was at the Catholic 24. Feburary 1755 born. In baptism he was given the name of Franz, Karl, Alois, Mathias. In 1758 drew his father Franz Joseph Edler von Mueller Friedberg, Mr. stuff in Glarus, in consequence of the election as High Steward of the prince-abbot of St. St Gallen in the. Gallic country.

His mother was a Bachmann, a sister of the late General Bachmann. One of his brothers appeared as Father Heinrich in the Benedictine monastery of St. Gall, where he was professor and archivist Under….

His career took 1798 a dramatic turn, when on the course of the collapse of the old order in the Confederation 1. January 1798 without consultation and against the will of the prince-abbot Pankraz Vorster the landscape Toggenburg released into independence.

Thanks to him, as indeed was the honorary citizenship of the city Lichtensteig awarded, His career in a possible restoration of the old order were clear but there, because he was in the eyes of the prince-abbot as disloyal traitor. 1798 to 1800 he represented as a protector of the interests of the noble ladies Schänis pen and tried in vain, to apply at the court in Vienna…..

His life story is as of the BSB Download provided. She appeared in St. Gall 1880 and was written by Alois Hürlimann.


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