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600 Mecklenburg colonists in Gdansk

The call of the Teutonic Knights to settle in distant, then still uneconomic East reverberated not ineffective. Thousands flocked to the families of the same..

While in the countryside, the old master and cultivators, the proud Polish landowners and the slavish servants still stayed quite a long time undisturbed in their ancestral seats and village communities, gathered in the cities of German life in a nation. Danzig as colonists city blossomed into a powerful trading center, testifies to the citizens of Danzig book, from the middle of the 14. Century to modern times (except for the period of 1453-1536) proved to be a valuable source.

Since 1557 was recorded in the latter the origin of new citizens and they can since the 2. Half of the 16. Century almost completely the citizens of Mecklenburg origin are called. A few were for the 14. Century undoubtedly recognizable as Mecklenburg and are therefore in the register of 600 Been included names. At the time, the colonists Jender origin developed gradually the family name. Apart from the actual citizens of Mecklenburg origin (It is their 333 by 600 Name) are still a number of other people have been added to the list. First, the students of the high school. Also included are the witnesses in the, when registering for the award of the franchise to be presented real birth letters, where they were Mecklenburg. At last, church records, Manuscripts and old prints still isolated references to the sons of Mecklenburg. Only the jury books have been left out of consideration for lack of time.


The civil rights of a workman could be won only by those, their trade guilds formed a cooperative; non-hearty artisans, such as screws bookmaker, Altflicker, Hump ​​and others had to make do with the civil rights of a working man. The transition from one stage of the franchise to another, was open to every citizen on payment, after the new state- or. Union comrades had declared her consent. But here were 52 Craft types represented, the largest group was the Schneider (fast 29%) followed with Seeschiffer 26 Name, Hard baker with 22 Name, Schopenbrauer 13. The real citizens of a businessman won 45, among them were Rambow.


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