Dynastic research


1. The counts of Jülich and their kinsmen
2. Antoingsche the trunk with its branches
3. Possessions, after which the counts cited by Cleveland
4. The counts of Moers
5. Proof of membership of the Lords of the needle Schoeppingk
6. The Counts of Sayn
7. The noble lords of Holte
8. The nobility of the province of Westphalia
9. Recognition of the baronial the predicate of Ledebur
10. On the gender of the gentry Märkischen, those in 13. to 15. The century mark “Noble lords” was awarded
11. On the relationship of the nobles of Vlotho in Westphalia with those of Mlotow in Mecklenburg

Band 1.
Band 2.


Ledebur, Leopold: Dynastic research , in two volumes, Berlin: Publisher Louis Rauh 1853-1855

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