Historia Welforum: History and genealogy of the Guelph

Thus begat a son Welf, The name was given Eticho and a daughter named Judith. This led Emperor Louis Judith d. Pious, (Son of Charles d. Great) after the death of his wife Irmingard with whom he had three sons (Lothar, Pepin and Louis) home as a wife.

She gave birth to Charles d. Kahler, who won at the kingdom of France, and division 45 Years reigned, while his brothers Louis and Lothar in Italy and Germany came to dominate. Pepin the 3. Son was already dead.

Eticho the brother of Judith, succeeded his late father, a dutiful heir. He fathered a son, Henry was given the name of the. When he became of age Henry, He went in without the knowledge of his father as emperor. On the advice of the princes, and especially to drive the Emperor himself, he made this submission and the Lehnshuldigung. For this he received 4000 Hooves as a fief in the Bavarian Oberland.

When the father learned of it, He kept his nobility and his freedom for indivisible damage. Again without seeing his son again, he withdrew into the mountains, in a village called Oberammergau.

Henry took to wife Beata, They came from the house Hohenwarth. With her he had three sons: the holy Conrad, Bishop of Constance, Eticho and Rudolf…


King Eric: Historia Welforum, Stuttgart: Kohlhammer 1938

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