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Family history of von Dewitz


The gender of the von Dewitz is a very old sex, it has already been documented in the middle of 13. Century have appeared specifically in the area of ​​the Margrave of Brandenburg. Was left out of this as the land of Mecklenburg Stargard, they were immediately among the most respected families in Mecklenburg. Since 1319 did they just in Pomerania, 1338 they seem to be in the country Daber been ansessig. Ohne Zweifel sind sie deutschen Ursprungs und ihr Name weist sehr wahrscheinlich auf das Dorf Dewitz in der Altmark hin.

Of the Altmark, they settled on the land Stargard, where we also have a village Dewitz. Dewitz since ancient times this was owned by the family of Genzkow and Dewitz had shares of the same. In all likelihood, the German population of the country Stargard immigrated from the Altmark. Slavs seem to have been only very few left. Slavic people names come in the documents of our country hardly, although they can be found at this time in Mecklenburg and Pomerania documents often.

The name of the race is usually written Dewitz, also Dewiz, Debitz, Dewis, Dewessen etc. Two families with similar names we encounter in Mecklenburg and Pomerania and it was assumed, that they were identical to the Dewitzen, speaks against this assumption but the difference in the arms of both families.


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