The last Count of Holstein-Schauenburg

Ernst v. Holstein-SchaumburgOtto VI., Count of Schauenburg (Schaumburg) and Pinneberg, the latter of which he 1635 fell to, was 1616 Born and counted with his passing on 15. November 1640 only 24 Years. He was the last scion of the old Count House, from which the Duke of Schleswig-Holstein and 1459 Christian I., King of Denmark had emerged.

As a boy he has his father Georg Hermann, have lost the youngest of four or five brothers; for the year 1631 We see him under guardianship of his paternal uncle and foster father, Count Hermann, but also the 1634 caved in, after having been the other three brothers, Heinrich, Hans had lost Otto and Jodocus.

Married Count Hermann had been 1609 Born to Catherine Sophia on 6. More 1577 and + 18.12.1665. She was a daughter of Duke Otto Jr.. from the average home Lüneburg) without children with her witness. Otto was the nephew and ward of his heritage. This led to the exchange, as an album leaf of 1630 testifies, the words: “Mors exilium, luctus, no pain sunt supplicia, sed pays vivendi”.

In the following year he spent under the guidance of a tutor in Paris, where his mother had sent him, or rather his foster father. Otto Von's VI. later in life circumstances, whether he had been in Sweden for example, military service, Nothing is known. After his untimely death saw his mother, Elizabeth, as sole heir and rightful owner of the county of Schauenburg. She was the eldest of five daughters of Simon VI. Count of Lippe, of them except the father of five sons and later became the ancestor of all counts, respectively, of the Prince of Lippe. Born in 1592, married to Elizabeth 1612 Georg Hermann and Otto was the only son of both.

Of her three brothers (two of them died young and unmarried) donated the oldest, Simon VII. (born 1588 +1627) Detmold, the middle LinieDer. Der Miborn/span>, Otto (geboren 1589 1659) pad to the extinct, the youngest, Philip (geboren 1601 1681) Bückeburger the line, which was divided among his sons, Frederick and Christian Philipp Ernst in the two branches Bückeburg Alverdissen., Otto (born 1589 +1659) pad to the extinct, the youngest, Philip (born 1601 +1681) Bückeburger the line, which was divided among his sons, Frederick and Christian Philipp Ernst in the two branches Bückeburg Alverdissen.

On this her youngest brother, now thought of her son, Elizabeth entire legacy, not only the allodial, but to pass on all parts of the country offices and, which in Hesse-Kassel and the pin went to Minden feud. As Hesse-Cassel made her this power contest and even they complained against, rose known to be a fierce and multi-year process, so that the crown of Denmark intervened to occupy the territory militarily was Pinnebergsche. This dispute in 1647 ended by a comparison with the landgrave Central division and home to Denmark for a severance payment.

The counts were in Schaumburg 13. Century Gografen District Wennigsen (Deister) and for over 100 Years in the affluent foothills Deister. This result has brought with it, that the Count of Schauenburg and Holstein, the bailiwick of the monastery was placed under Wennigsen. The Graf family donated the property to the monastery.

Ruler of Schaumburg and Holstein-Pinneberg: Those: Wikipedia

1290-1315 VI Adolf. (* 1256, † 1315)
1315-1354 Adolf VII.
1354-1370 Adolf VIII.
1370-1404 Otto.
1404–1426 Adolf IX.
1426Otto II -1464. (* 1400, † 1464)
1464Adolf -1474 X. (* 1419, † 1474)
1474Erich -1492 (* 1420, † 1492)
1492-1510 Otto III. (* 1426, † 1510)
1510-1526 Anthony (* 1439, † 1526)
1526-1527 John IV. (* 1449, † 1527)
1527–1531 Jobst I. (* 1483, † 1531)
1531-1560 Johann V.
1531–1581 Jobst II.
1533-1576 Otto IV. (* 1517, † 1576), Bishop of Hildesheim as Otto III, 1531-1537.
1576Adolf -1601 XI. (* 1547, † 1601)
1601Ernst -1622 (* 1569, † 1622)
1622Jobst Hermann -1635 (* 1593, † 1635)
1635-1640 Otto VI. (* 1616, † 1640)


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