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Chronicle of the trades

gewerk-1As trades are trade or profession and civil engineering activities referred to. Within genealogical research we encounter regularly these terms, so I'd like to introduce the appropriate literature.

And it is this multi-volume work provides the title Chronicle of the trades an, which has been meticulously developed by research in the old spring collections and archives of many cities in Germany and Switzerland.

H.A. Berlepsch, Publisher Scheitlin & Zollikofer, St. Gall



The individual volumes

German cities and being middle class in relation to the trades and their guilds
Chronicles of ancient and honorable trade Schneider and the history of costumes and fashions
Chronicle of the Gold- and silverware and the invention of engraving and the coinage of earlier times
Chronicle of respectable shoemaker and a short history of footwear of earlier times
Chronicle of respectable bakers union
Chronicle of the fire workers (Plattner, Harnischmacher, Hoods- Helm and Forging, Salwirthe, Bogner)
Chronicle of the bricklayers and stonemasons and an overview of the history of architecture of all times and peoples
Chronicle of the honorable craft Boettcher and history of brewing and wine culture


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chronik-beruehmter-schneiderAnd because it fits so well on the above topic, here is a small Chronicle of famous tailors with brief descriptions of the life Fulerand Antoine Bard, George Stulz, Ritter von Ortenberg, Hugo Hoyer, Gustav Adolf Muller, Henry terminal, and the historical significance of the cutter in the world history.

On the biographical sketches of colleagues, a historical account of the importance of Schneider joins in world history.

It provides evidence, has not played as often as the momentous events at Schneider a role. The tailor always fought for the advancement and honor the profession particularly.

The book was published 1892 in Dresden in the expedition Europ. Fashion Newspaper (Terminal & White) All books described here were published in the SLUB Dresden