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From the estate of Baron Ferdinand von Achatz of Asseburg

Memoirs of Ferdinand Achatz of the Asseburg (1721-1797) Erbherr to Falkenstein and Meisdorf. Russian imperial privy council and minister plenipotentiary at the Diet of Regensburg, Knight of the Order of St. of St. Alexander Nevsky and the Danish flag – from those found in his estate handwritten papers…

Lichen led out with information about sex since Asseburgische 13. Century, clarification on, that it was in earlier times, no counts of the Asseburg, also that of the castle and the aces of Hagen did not have a common origin. A refutation of the myth, been buried alive after Sophia of Polistes in Magdeburg and is there a list of all members of the family who remained at war, and a supplement of three genealogical tables.


Edited by a former in diplomatic appointments used statesman; With a foreword by K. A. Varnhagen von Ense, Publishing house: Nicolaische bookstore, Berlin 1842 (Download) in the Russian State Library