Chronicles and deed books and founder of excellent gender and monasteries

1. Deed book of sex Meschede. 1862
With the seals, Coat of arms of the von Padberg, of Bocholtz, from the lip, von Westphalen, etc..
2. Deed book of sex or Momm Mumm. 1876
Mummsche Siegel, Headings and tables
3. Deed book of sex or spede Spee. 1874
History of the Romans on the Rhine, Lehnbuch and glory of the Kell, the line and pimp, Horst Kemnade, by Groenestein, Maurik, as well as an overview and seal coat of arms for this band
4. Deed book of sex or Momm Mumm. 1878
History of sex Momm and their goods and Seal (Register with)



Flag, Anton: Chronicles and deed books superior gender, Donors and monasteries, Cologne: Heberle 1862-1878

Other literature:

The dynasts barons and earls of Bocholtz

Monuments and pedigrees of sex or Mumm Momm

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