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Genealogies: Genealogies of the principal aristocratic patrician families Lüneburg

In the German imperial cities of the Middle Ages was formed from the 11. Century, a patrician from the former location of the local nobility or ministeriality out. They called themselves "gender". The patricians occupied the Council and other important municipal offices and attempted, to maintain an exclusive right to these offices, also die Patrizier zu den alleinigen […]


Origin and history of the horse family man Demminer

Known as the Danish history of the Prussian financier Carl Heinrich Schimmelmann, born 1724 Demmin and died at 1782 in Copenhagen, led his family from middle-class family in unimaginable splendor, Wealth and fame. The origins of this family have returned to the cities of Rostock, Bützow, Wismar and Demmin. Nach den urkundlichen Belegen lassen sich die Schimmelmannschen […]


Genealogical and Biographical messages on both strains of sex Wangenheim and Winterstein

Wangenheim, as the name of the place of sex and we first meet in the monk of Fulda's Eberhard in the mid- 12. Century compiled the list of goods of the pen Fulda. When the chroniclers of the Wangenheimsche bring gender as the gender of the Huns in conjunction with Erffa, Write or others, dass sie von Ungarn […]

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History of the noble house of Campe and betting on Isenbüttel Mars Hagen

From the contents: 1163-1230 under the name of the Blankenburg 1230-1367 under the name of the Campe Campe Isenbüttel on Mars and betting by Hagen 1367-1782 The von Campe to Neindorff, Herlingsberg, Gersdorf, Elbingerode pedigrees of the Campe, of Bodendieck, of Krosigk, usw. What: Steffens, Johann Heinrich: Geschlechts-Geschichte des Hochadelichen Hauses von Campe auf Isenbüttel […]


The Imperial Count Colonna-rock on the big-Strehlitz, Tost, Tworog

Very close to Bolzano is the vicarage Vols. Already 888 King Arnulf gave the reward to the possessions in Engilger “Fellis between Montana Alpesque Italiae”. Engilger was a faithful servant of Jezo. Located on the mountain, the tower stood on the castle decorated for centuries “Noble of Vols” (the ancestors of the Upper Silesian Colonna) saßen.Like […]


That Clevische Chronicle: with a genealogy of the dukes and earls of Cleves

The van der Schuren'sche Chronicle has been declared as property of the Turck Clevischen royal house and the office (Liber illustrious Domini Ducis et Cancellariae Cliuensis) From the contents: Chronicle of Gert van der shearings genealogy of the earls and dukes Clevischen source: Robert Scholten: Clevische Chronik: nach der Originalhandschrift des Gert van der Schuren nebst Vorgeschichte […]


The history of the Counts of Winzenburg and the Earl of Reinhausen

Hermann I. Count of Winzenburg, Born to 1083 and educated at Hildesheim. Before 1109 granted tenure and Winzenburg 1112 Representatives of the emperor in Thuringia. 1123 He was the emperor used as Margrave of Meissen. Best known as the murderer of Count Burchard of Loccum 1130. Why was outlawed and lost all the dignities and fiefs, so also […]


The history of sex from the Klöden 18 Generations

From the contents: Names and locations of the same name and description of the crest of the origin, the history of the race from Klöden 18 Extract from the generations linked by marriages sparkled families: in. Theus, in. Bassewitz, Fire, in. Broesigke, in. Eickstedt, in. Fahrenholz, in. Goldbeck, in. Hagen, in. Holsten, in. d. Knesebeck, in. Lattorf, in. Lochow, […]


Genealogical alliances of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, of St. Elizabeth

Those: Märcker, Traugott: Eitel Friedrich II. Count of Hohenzollern, d. h. R. Empire Erbkämmerer and Margravine Magdalene of Brandenburg from the instigation of the high engagement of Princess Stephanie of Hohenzollern … the King Dom Pietro V. von Portugal, presented and accompanied with a genealogical summary of the alliances of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in the descent of St. Elizabeth, […]