History of the Count and sex of those baronial Grote


The origin of the Grote family until Henry the Lion: The German parent, in which the oldest documented Grote

History of old Brabant van den Velde or sex of the Velden


To the present work in a concise form the main results of studies on the history

History of the Silesian family of the Counts uradligen Posadowsky-Wehner


The sex is part of the Silesian nobility Posadowsky and has its home in the right upper shore between Oels

Contributions to the history of the sex of uradeligen Stojentin in Pomerania


According to the chroniclers of old Pomeranian belonging to the oldest of the Stojentin, most respected and wealthiest families of the former Duchy of Pomerania. The family name can only Stojentin to 14. August 1341 lead back; but the first bearer of the name proves, that is already very old at that time the family, been powerful and wealthy must be.

Documents and calendar entries on the history of Viscount and Baron von Hammerstein


The Barons of Hammerstein are a German family. From the beginning of the 17. Century by Hammerstein to Equord, the family divided in 17./18. Century in the lines Hammerstein-Equord, Hammerstein and Hammerstein-Gesmold Loxton.