The majesty of the imperial nobility Germans

Three-volume work with a variety of ancestral samples of Damian Hatard.

The sample needle (and ancestry) is a documentary proof of noble descent or a person of one sex. The first major evidence was the ancestor 12. Century on the ability of the tournament; He was the proof of descent from four ritterbürtigen ancestors and the laying of a coat made dependent on sample. Later, certain functions reserved for the nobility, I know in Ritterorden, Cathedral chapters and pens (Pin capability), Medals and pins for noblewomen, Hofwürden (of. B. Treasurer dignity, Hofzutritt) and the ability of parliament in the class of knights.

So durften nur „Four-engine shield“, d. h. four noble grandparents derived, the aristocratic privileges of a foundation or an order of knights partake. The candidate must demonstrate the escutcheons of his ancestors, summoned by the members of that gender had. When the pins are not infrequently, that decisions by chapter the required number of noble ancestors (four grandparents, eight great-grandparents to great-grandparents or even sixteen) increased, as a deterrent to the uptake.

To meet pedigree requirements were, resulted from the rules of the institution. The trend, however, were – to maintain the exclusivity – the requirements up to 16-ancestry sample (Proof, great-great grandparents were all born aristocrat) tightened more and more. In older times, the evidence called by the regular "Aufschwörung" (d. h. The ceremony was performed by other nobles confirm the correctness of the pedigree of the subjects contained information both about the illegitimate birth of ancestry and of belonging to the nobility of all persons listed) provided; came with the secularization of the old empire and the end of their place of documentary evidence. Source of this statement: Wikipedia A better explanation for the ancestors can be found on samples Document files.

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