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List of citizens of the city of Zurich for the period 1819 to 1892


Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1819 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1821 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1827

Pastor Johann Valentin Liesegang in Ilfeld

Valentin war 1612 probably the son of the mayor of Ellrich, Burchard Liesegang born. The father was the treasurer in direction of adjustment and 1618, 1621 and 1624 of local mayor as the “Rote Buch des Magistrats” reveals. Brother Hans is there from 1627 as a councilor and from 1649 called as mayor. At the 25.7.1643 Valentine was introduced as a pastor in Ilfeld. He is considered the oldest church of the village accountant. Previously, he worked for eight years as a teacher. A cast-iron grave slab, the one leading into the wall to the crypt[...]

Mayor Peter Groening, Founder of Groening's college

A special treasure is the book for download “Centennial Honor remembrance Mr. Peter Weyland Groening, Mayor of New Stargard on the Ihna, and praiseworthy founder Des Groening's Collegii” by Daniel Gottfried Werner, Stargard 1733 Peter Gröning was 1561 als Sohn des Stellmachers Gröning und dessen Gattin Gertrud Bellin in Stargard geboren. Er stand im Dienst des Stettiner Hofrates und Landvogt von Stolp, Svante Tessen und nachher als Schreiber bei dem Schlosshauptmann von Bütow Anton von Zitzewitz. Er heiratete in Stargard Margarete Neuenberg. 1624 wählte man ihn zum  [...]