The history of the manor Leesen (Leźno) in Gdansk

Aus der altpommerschen Zeit, the Pomeranian dukes up under the 1308 took, is of the manors large-and small-Leesen Leesen nothing handed. For the first time the goods in the Gdansk area 14. Century as a Polish fief- and manors under the name Great-LEZIN, Small-and LEZIN Strellin mentioned.

There were three separate estates. The order gave the goods to loyal servant of the Order under the Pomeranian nobility, to noblemen of German nationality and also on religious friends among the patricians in Gdansk. The loan was to kulmischem law (Also magdeburgisches law) In 1388 awarded the Grand Master Burggraf of Altenburg wholesale Lezin to kulmischem law. The first known owners were members of the family of Lewyn.

In 1623 possessed the goods Reinhold and Georg Giese, a Danzig patrician family belonging. 1631 the goods went to Anna Giese, with his second wife Adrian of Rembowski was married, about. (See database)

1645 passes Anna Giese, married Rembowska, the goods and Leesen Ellernitz for 45000 Polish florins to Abraham Gehema.

Abraham Gehema also came from a patrician family in Gdansk. He was royal. Full. Chamberlain and Leibmedikus. King Vladislav of Poland was his debtor. 1645 Vladislav Abraham paid a debt of Gehema sum of 420000 Polish florins back. In 1772 went over the goods by inheritance to the family of Grabowski.


Hoene, Konrad: The history of the manor Leesen (Leźno) in Gdansk, Danzig: R. Gorschalky, 1927

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