August Wilhelm Hupel: Nordische Miscellaneen und Neue Nordische Miscellaneen 1781 to 1798

On the Retrospective digitization of Bielefeld University Library I have already pointed out in a separate article. Such development work includes the complete issues Nordischen Miscellaneen and New Nordic Miscellaneen“. On the side of the Bielefeld University Library, all items can be easily read on a table of contents and controlled directly, while the Universität Tartu All these expenses as a download offer.

The author was born on August Wilhelm Hupel as pastor of child 25.2.1737 Born in Buttelstedt. The first lessons he received in part by a tutor, part of his father. 1748 He came as a 11-year-old boy to Weimar in the 2. Class of the local high school and in 1754 He wrote himself into the University.

1760 He was appointed preacher at Dorpat by Ecks (words. 13.1.1760) and 1763 after Oberpahlen, the largest parish in Livonia. 1787 He was a member of the Free Economic Society of St. Petersburg and 1797 Honorary member of the Livonian economic Societät. Philolophische his doctorate he was awarded the 12.12.1803 of the University of Tartu and the theological doctorate in 1818.

Between 1781 and 1798 First published Hupel the 28 Volumes of Nordischen Miscellaneen, which appeared in the publishing Hartknoch and as a continuation of the 18 Volumes of New Nordic Miscellaneen. These were published by Hartknoch. With his work he leaves behind a comprehensive insight into local history and folklore in the Baltic region. Among his other publications including “Materials for noble history Oeselschen“, or “Topographic messages by Liv- and Estonia”.

Nordic Miscellaneen at the Bielefeld University Library

Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 1/2, Jg. 1781
Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 3/4, Jg. 1781
Kurland old nobility and their estates, of nobility or Kurzeme
List of families belonging to the Estonian matriculation
Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 5/6, Jg. 1782
Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 7/8, Jg. 1783
Contribution to the Courland with tables of nobility
Message from the former main teams or Starosties
Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 9/10, Jg. 1785
Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 11/12, Jg. 1786
Peerage of the former Polish Livonia 1750
For Kurland of nobility
Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 13/14, Jg. 1787
Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 15/17, Jg. 1788
Livonian noble materials for history
Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 18/19, Jg. 1789
Materials for Estonian noble history
Pedigrees v. Mellin, in. Gersdorff, in. Pigeon, in. Schilling,
Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 20/21, Jg. 1790
Materials for noble history oeselschen
Chronological and biographical- and heraldic messages of the governors and governors
Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 22/23, Jg. 1790
Supplementary materials to the local nobility stories
Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 24/25, Jg. 1790
Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 26, Jg. 1791
Nordische Miscellaneen. St. 27/28, Jg. 1791
Principal register of all 28 Volumes

New Nordic Miscellaneen at the Bielefeld University Library

Neue Nordische Vol Miscellaneen. 01-02, Jg. 1792
Chronological origins of sex Stenbock with pedigree
Neue Nordische Vol Miscellaneen. 03-04, Jg. 1793
Neue Nordische Vol Miscellaneen. 05-06, Jg. 1794
Neue Nordische Vol Miscellaneen. 06, Jg. 1795
Neue Nordische Vol Miscellaneen. 07-08, Jg. 1794
Neue Nordische Vol Miscellaneen. 08, Jg. 1794
Neue Nordische Vol Miscellaneen. 09-10, Jg. 1794
Contributions to the history of liv-, is- and Courland nobility
Neue Nordische Vol Miscellaneen. 11-12, Jg. 1795
Neue Nordische Vol Miscellaneen. 13-14, 1796
Pedigrees v. Kettler, in. Lieven, Clodt Jürgen Burg
Neue Nordische Vol Miscellaneen. 15-16, Jg. 1797
Contribution to the history of sex with a pedigree of Mellin u. Coat of arms
Neue Nordische Vol Miscellaneen. 17, Jg. 1797
Neue Nordische Vol Miscellaneen. 18, Jg. 1798
Contributions to the history of Tiesenhausen with pedigrees


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