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Messages about the life and writings of the Privy Council, Dr. Karl Ernst von Baer


Karl Ernst von Baer was born on 17. February 1792 the light of day ( The difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars amounted to 18. Century only 11 Days and so was because the 17. February in the Julian calendar, not the 29. February of the Gregorian, but the 28. February)

The place of his birth was in the estate beep Jerwenschen circle of the government of Estonia. His father, the later knighthood Captain Magnus von Baer (1765-1825) was the owner of this farm. His mother, Julie Louise von Baer (1764-1820) Not only was of the same family, but the first cousin of the father, because both the children were two brothers. This marriage was 10 Children blessed. Three died at a younger age at disease common childhood.

The older brother of his father's name was Charles, and was married to a baroness pot from Coburg, The marriage remained childless. His estate was Lassila and was in Wieland. Because his father was so richly blessed with children, he made his brother's proposal, share his brothers, and so was Karl Ernst made with his older brother Frederick after Lassila.

Only years later, he realized, that he had other parents. This happened when she and her siblings came to visit once. On this occasion (in 1799) was also decided, that he was relegated to beep, to participate in lessons at school. He was 10 Years old, when he received instruction in plane trigonometry. Equally useful was the geography lesson for him, which began on the basis of gas Paris school handbook and atlas.

His older sister was 1803 become an early bride and had to leave school. Karl Ernst and his siblings learned Latin at this time, English and French, even some Italian. Of 1807-1810 followed by a school visit to the Knights- and Cathedral School in Reval and 1810-1814 He moved into the University of Tartu. The medical research, he continued in Vienna and Würzburg. Already 1816 He received an appointment as prosector (Spurs) and lecturer at the University of Königsberg. 1819 He was appointed associate professor and took over 1821 the chair of zoology and 1826 also of Anatomy.

Baer was married to Auguste von Medem (1799-1864) with which he 5 Children fathered.


Karl Julius Friedrich (1822-1843) Medical student
August Emmerich (1824-1891) Major General where the Great
Alexander Andreas Ernst (1826-1914) District and married to Cecilia von Stackelberg (1833-1881)
Marie Juliane (1828-1900) married to Charles Linden +1896
Hermann Theodor (1829-1866)

He lived until 1876 in Tartu and has written numerous articles on the biology. Some called him the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of the North. Baer founded in the year 1869 the Berlin Society for Anthropology, Ethnology and Prehistory. After his death he was a monument was dedicated in Tartu, the erinntert today it. Baer's writings to life, the Universität Tartu from.


Messages about the life and writings of the Lord Privy Council Dr. Karl Ernst von Baer: communicated by him : published on the occasion of his fifty-year anniversary at the Doctor 29. August 1864 of the knighthood of Estonia, 1865 (Tartu University Library)


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