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Yearbook of the Association for the History of Neumark

jahrbuch-neumarkOf the annual accounts of the Society for the History of Neumark (New episodes of the Scriptures) I ausgewühlt the three subsequent editions. Es sind die Hefte 3 to 5 from the years 1926-1928. They deal with the Hooves classifications 1718 and 1719 from the contributions of families- Neumark and economic history of rural communities, published with the support of the Historical Commission.

The basis of the personal, official and economic conditions in rural communities was the village of order. She had approval for a province, considered but also specific provisions for individual districts whose characteristics, through which they wipe from the public.

These were not a few in the Neumark. The annual 1794 published Prussian Land Law stipulated, that the ratios were determined Gutsuntertanen of the country against their landed estates to the difference in the provinces.

In the Neumark, particularly in the districts Schivelbein, Dramburg and Arnswalde as subjects were almost without exception to the rule in the traditional relationship of serfdom. According to these farmers- and Kossätenhöfe and living on their subjects ownership of the landlord. He was allowed to take them without the additional yards with a few exceptions.

Sons and daughters of farmers and cottagers were allowed to choose another profession with permission. But they remained in the country, the parents were not used in agriculture and wanted to rent, they had to offer the first rule, a reflection of the 14 Meet state. They took the power not, it was free of them, to hire himself at another location, but not outside the country.

The first revision, limited in their revision of the servants' wages, not to touch the core of the old order but dared, was of the Estates 1727 submitted for approval. Sie fand aber in Berlin keinen Beifall und wurde somit zurückgewiesen. Mehr über die genauen Lebensumstände und Besitzverhältnisse könnt ihr in den nachfolgenden Heften erfahren, which can be downloaded as DjVu.

Issue 3

Kreis Landsberg
Circle Friedeberg

Issue 4

Circle of Königsberg
Circle Soldin
Circle Schivelbein
Circle Dramburg
Circle Arnswalde

Issue 5

Circle Sternberg
Circle Züllichau
Krusty circle
Circle Kottbus