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Helene Duchess of Orleans, a Mecklenburg princess

The Hereditary Prince Frederick Louis (1778-1819) of Mecklenburg-Schwerin was married to his first marriage with Helena Pavlovna, a daughter of the Russian Emperor, who had fathered at not less loud ugliness beautiful children. This covenant only lasted a few years, as the beautiful Grand Duchess suffered from tuberculosis and passed away. To his second wife was the heir Princess Caroline Louise (1786-1816) chosen, a daughter of Grand Duke Carl August of Weimar. From this marriage was on the Prince 24. January 1814 a daughter born in Ludwigslust, it in memory of his 1. Wife, Helene was baptized in the name and by her marriage to the Crown Prince of France, the Duke of Orleans, drew the attention of the world to be.

When Helene was reaching its second birthday, starb ihre Mutter Caroline. The Grand Duke now to become father who had two children from two marriages ever saw one, that he had to hold strongly to a housewife out. His choice fell on Princess Augusta of Hesse-Homburg, the thus became the stepmother of Helene – a loyal, caring and loving mother. When the Grand Duke would have guessed it, he died soon after. Auguste now put all their skill and offered the children a sheltered and happy home and they cared for their best education. Helene's teacher was none other than Heinrich Schubert.

At the 30. More 1837 heiratete Helene Luise Prinzessin auf Château de Fontainebleau in Fontainebleau den Thronfolger Ferdinand Philippe d'Orléans, Duke of Chartres (1810–1842), eldest son of the last French king Louis Philippe and his wife Princess Maria Amalia of Naples and Sicily. From the couple's marriage two sons were born:

Louis Philippe Albert (1838–1894), comte de Paris ∞ 1864 Prinzessin Isabella Maria of Orleans-Montpensier (1848–1919)
Robert Philippe Louis Eugène Ferdinand (1840–1910), Duke of Chartres ∞ 1863 Prinzessin Françoise d'Orléans (1844–1925)

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Brunier Ludwig: A Mecklenburg Furstentochter: (Helene, Herzogin von Orleans) with the portrait of the Duchess, Hinricus Fischer Verlag bookshop; North 1884

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