The stock register of the families of the civil town of Zofingen

From the ancient towers of the city were or are still Dam, the, the powder tower and torture tower, The expanded and provided with proper windows, now comfortable and friendly residents a view of the Wigger, Jura and Alps granted. Since the 40's have been cleaned up dramatically in Zofingen, Been all gendering (Doors and curtain walls) have fallen.

From 1850 the construction began on the historic town center to expand; first along the main roads in the plane, then increasingly in the eastern hills. The industry, which came mainly at the Wigger.

Extinct in the gender 19. Century:

Baumann, Bodmer, Brandli, Cellar, Falk iron, Fisherman (Younger Line) Gerischer, Hunkeler, Iselin, Konrader, Kunz, Lüscher, Rinderknecht, Roth, Schenk, Seelmatter, Stammbach, Wagner, Zwiky

Extract the name of gender since the 13. Century in Zofingen:

Aarbergergasse, in. Aarkirch, Abegg, Ancestors random, in. Altishofen, Ambach, Amport, Anshelm, Appenzell, by grapeshot, of the Auw, Bächlin, in. Balm (Palm) in. Bear, in. Baumgarten (the Bomeren) in. Bechburg, in. Bergen, Blaser, Blum, in. Blumenegk, Blum beans, in. Boningen, Bondörfer, in. Brittnau, Well Master, in. Buchdorf, in. Castle Valley, Burgstein, Cellar, Conrader, in. Buttenberg, in. Büttingen, in. Constanz, Dachstein, in. Degerfeld, Dorri, Dry, Düring, in. Ebert Willingen, in. Alsace, in. Fischbach, in. Friedingen, Forrer, Cheeky, Freiburg, in. Gehrhausen, Galati, Galli, in. Gebnau, Geiger, Göttschi, Count, in. Griesberg, Grimm, Gruenwald, Gutjahr, Hedge, Haberer, Hafner, Hagelstein, in. Hägendorf, Halberg, Hartmeyer, Hauri, Häusermann, in. Heideck, Saviour, in. Hennenbühl, Herzli, Hirni, Hodel, in. Mayrhofen, Hofmeister, in. Hohenberg, in. Hoheneck, in. Horn, in. Hottingen, in. Huben, Hunziker, Jäggi, in. Issenthal, Kapf v. Kapfenburg, Return penny, Keller, Keppeler, in. Kienberg, in. Kilchdorf, Knoblauch, Kohler, Kronenberg, Kugeler, in. Kulm, Kümmeli, in. Lauterbrunnen valley, in. Leerau, Lienhard, in. Lieb Willingen, in. Lostorf, in. Luternau, Luthi, Mäder, Madlinger, Mahler, Memminger, in. Meyenberg, the mill, Muench, Moor, Mother's husband, Neukomm, Oberist, Obschläger, Ossenhäuser, in. Östringen, in. Ortenburg, PAVINA, Petzold, Pfander, Peppercorn, Reichenthaler, in. Reinach, in. Reitnau, Rickenbach, in. Riedenthal, Ringier, Roco, Romegg, Roeslin, in. Roth, in. Savaton, Sacker, Schaff Auer, Scheibler, Schnitzler, Schnorr, Schuppach, Scheurmann, in. Schwarzenbach, Seebach, Seeberger, Sommerer, Spirgi, Sprinkler, in. Selz, Sprüngli, Steiger, Steinegger, Stettler, Strähl, Straub, Room Feger, Sutermeister, Täschler, in. Thann, This, Toppel, in. Troßburg, Villiger, Walti, in. Wartburg, in. Weingarten, Welsch, in. Wyhl, Zehnder, Zimmerlin, Zumbach, Zumweg, Zurlinden….


Look at Berger-Ott, C.: The stock register of current and extinct in this century bourgeois families of the town of Zofingen since their admission to citizenship, and a list of all sexes since 1200 and notes on the Zofingen 19. Century. In the self-published author, Zofingen 1884

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