Family history of the Bercken 15. Century to the Present

The evidence for the origin of the Westphalian family are from Ritter stem Archive in Jelgava. From there they came to Livonia and Courland, probably by a younger member of the family, which is at one of the 13. to 15. Century held crusades contributed to Livonia, where it was located.

The family was called in the first generations “of the Bercken” and only Henry of Bercken, Lehnsbrief of its 1533 present, is the same only “of Bercken” called. This led the family name now. A relationship with the families of the same name, as for the 13. Century in Germany are known several, did not leave in spite of all investigations prove beyond doubt.

Sieve also leads in his big book under his noble crest of the free cities of a family in Lubeck Bercken from Berken, known to arise in Westphalia Rheinberg, or Berck or Berk was named. It comes in Lübeck 15. Century and belonged to the circle of society, which consisted only of the privileged nobility. An affinity with this family is excluded.

Comes in the Netherlands 17. and 18. Century, the name of Berck, by Berk, by Berken and Bercken more common. They belonged to the army, preferably. Their coat of arms appears to be a combination of the remaining family of the Bercken (The birch with three silver stars in the field) and in the sieve-mentioned family of Lübeck (the moon is between the open black flight over the helmet) A relationship with a part of the family is not entirely far-fetched Niderländischen.

On the evidence to charge the family Steinensee, the former fief of the family in Courland Bercken, This is the first stemming from Westphalia family called Bercken, whose wife was one of Ingenhoff. Except for the number of his two sons, John and Robert, was not determined. Have lived in what year they, is not known.

Johann Heinrich had a son called and this was 1532 named as captain of the castle in Daugavpils. The son of Robert called Caspar, was on 10.4.1563 Bishop Magnus of the mortgaged estate Planetzen.

The biases ends with Henry, a son of William. It inherited the estates of his father and even as this man was a judge in Daugavpils. He married Dorothea of ​​Foelckersamb, a daughter of Melchior, Advice of the Duke of Courland and his wife Margaret, a von der Ropp.

The book tells in detail the varied and exciting family history over the centuries, and ends with a detailed family tree and the seals of the family members. There is this book for download, of the Tartu University Library kindly provided.

Those: Compiled and given to the family of (Fedor) in. Bercken, Author: Rudolph Bercken, 1894

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