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Friedrich Wilhelm Prince of Hohenzollern dead

The nobleman lived in seclusion for many years in his country home in Sigmaringen. As an industrialist, he drove over the decades ahead with the expansion of its group, the round today 3000 People employed. In his place as head of the Swabian Hohenzollern now, his son Karl Friedrich (58)

The prince was born on 3. February 1924 the castle near Freiburg Umkirch. After completing his studies in Economics in Fribourg and Geneva as well as two years working at a bank, he took over Basel 1950 the management of the family-owned company.

With its 1996 deceased wife, Margarita Princess of Leiningen, He had three sons. His eldest son, Karl Friedrich is now automatically by the death of his father became a leader and the head of the Swabian Hohenzollern.

Those: Südkurier 16.9.2010

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