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The knight Hans Wildenberg Ebran of biography and history of the Prince of Bavaria

In the first volume of sources and discussions on Bavarian and German history (new episode) were from Dr. George Leidinger the complete works of Andrew of Regensburg published; in the present first part of the 2. Band follows the knight Hans von Wildenberg Ebran "Chronicle of the Princes of Bavaria", which in large part to the Andreas "Chronicle of the Princes of Bavaria" back.

The second part of this volume is that of Dr. Reinhold Spiller procured issuance of Fürtrers "History, Gesta and GetAt" the Bavarian princes, based in four locations on Ebrans work, contain. At this point I would like a Articles on the German printing of 16. Century point, which also includes the Ebransche "Chronicle and the royal tribe of Serene Highness Princes and Lords Palatine Rhine and Duke of Bavaria bey" of 1501 counts.

Biographical Ritter Hans Wildenberg of Ebran

Hans (Johann) Ebran Wildberg, its history in this volume for publication comes, was the end of the second decade of the XV. Born century, so that it is one of about boy 10 Years was, Andreas as the temporal blessing of Regensburg. He comes from an aristocratic family in Lower Bavaria, that the wealthiest and not leading, but the old tournament- and pin-compatible families of the country had. It was split into the main lines Lauterbach and Wildenberg, belonged to the latter. His father was Ulrich Ebran, based on the story of the Aventine in the detection of the citizens against Duke Henry of Landshut played a role. This married his first wife with a mountain of swords, In its second year marriage 1426 with Elizabeth, a daughter of Hans von Gumppenberg, at the court of Louis the Bearded enjoyed great prestige and important hereditary Marshal's Office to his family and brought it to his sovereign in war and peace major services rendered.

The name Ebran (Ebron, Abron, Evran, Ebro) was originally “Noun proprium” and later became the family name. The cradle of this race should Ebranshausen (Eberz(s)live at Mainburg) been his. Having been in 1411 Hofmark Pattendorf had come to Ebrane, Ulrich laid the foundation for an important new acquisition. He bought in 1447 of his brother Konrad von Gumppenberg half of the castle Scherneck. Among the six sons from his second marriage was Hans, the oldest. He married (unknown when) mit Barbara, a daughter of William Paul's Village on the Freestyle. In the inheritance he received along with his brother Peter the risk associated with a Hofmark Castle Wildenberg, that went by the bishops of Regensburg in fief, while his brother Henry from his father bought the half fell Scherneck. In association with Hans Heinrich was bought in 1468 also the other half of Scherneck, but gave his share of it two years later to his brother. Nach Peters Tod 1486 was one-half game's divided between Hans and Heinrich.

The wars of Duke Ludwig of Bavaria-Landshut was Hans participated with zeal and devotion. He is named among the number of those, Before the Battle of Thomas Preysing, the nurse to Kranzberg, together with the Duke himself received the accolade. Thus had the highest and most desirable destination Ebran, follow after the war a noble man could, achieved at a young age. With the end of that war was the military career Ebrans completed. From the year 1464 to he held the office of Chief Justice, because it is well known, no jurisprudence, but only knowledge of the domestic law required. Even as an observer on the Hofgerichtes is called Ebran. On Boxing Day the Jahfres 1463 he was named Duke's Council and in 1472 Ebran will appear for the last time in the series of Landshut Chief Justice. A high honor he received as a successor of the famous knight of Trenbeck and Hans Wilhelm Hofmeister and lock Truchtlinger as Captain Louis. The fact that he was appointed to this position, is a sign of how much Duke Ludwig appreciate its reliability and practicality knew. So he took the place of the master chef, overall management of the royal household and the supervision of the numerous retinue.

In 1500 He is mentioned for the last time to be alive; at the 22. August 1503 reveals the Velehnung his brother Henry with his lively burg feud, Hans that no longer was among the survivors. Ebran of wild mountain is one of the very scanty historians of the nobility, not yet touched by the humanistic flow circles emerged. Apparently, it was mainly the powerful personality of his prince, Ludwig the Rich, which makes him a keen historian. "If his praise,"He says, Be "his chivalrous and valiant Handel not think in the future, it hurt my soul. "But are, as if it had been the appearance of old tires, just its record even experienced history on flimsiest.

This chronicle of the University- State Library and Dusseldorf as Online-Version (Download) provided.

Edited by Dr. Frederick Roth, Rieger: Munich 1905