News of the noble family von Schlieffen

Among the noble families, have spread widely in Germany, members of the family or Schlieffen Schlieben, formerly Sliwin. The first track is included in a securitization in the middle of the Pomeranian 12. Century. The family, whose branches are in part still, was originally a town of Kolberg sex. The family was divided into two branches early.

The founders were John and Nicolas, Sons of the elder Hans Schleve. Hans the Younger was the progenitor of the older, also dresowischen branch, dresowischen and secondary branches and the branch soldekowischen. Nicolas was the ancestor of the younger branch and the branch emanating from it Danziger…

Extract the family history of Petersdorf


Of Schlieffen, Martin Ernst: Message from some of the houses of sex von Schlieffen, Kassel: Orphanage Buchdruckerei 1784 (Download via Google Books)

Of Schlieffen, Martin Ernst: Message from the race of Pomeranian or Sliwin of Schlieffen, Göttingen 1780 (Download)

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