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Messages about sex from Raven

The sex is a chronicle of Raven says, from the Leutitiern in Western Pomerania. The family messages were originally niedergelgt in the archives of Brandenburg and Friedland's, but were lost during the 30-year war.

It seems, as if the Ravensche sex was among the colonists, Turning again to the Prince Pribislaw used around the year 1169 to uplift the country convened to Mecklenburg. A certificate from the monastery of Sonnenkamp 28. June 1240 Raven mentions a friar at the "militibus Christi" Knights of the Sword; a document of the Dukes of Pomerania called a Raven "camerarius Noster".

Year 1248 was Herbord by Raven at the Ravensburg in Neubrandenburg on the orders of the Marquis Johann I. und Otto III. Brandenburg, administrator of the construction of the city of Neubrandenburg. Matthias von Raven appears as a witness in a charter anno 1366, Hinrik by Raven as an instrument of peace in Mitgelobter dukes of Mecklenburg from the crowns of Sweden and Denmark 17. June 1495.

Year 1367 Gerhard Raven is on the feud Erbherr Greeting Luckow in Uckermark. This well regarded the family as a family estate, also possessed the family estates in Silesia Postelwitz, Starkov and Thelkow in Ticino.

Gender lines:

The line Alt-Schwerin, Rossentin earlier in Mecklenburg
The line Postelwitz in Silesia
The line in Mecklenburg Müsselmow
The line in Mecklenburg Golchen
The line in Mecklenburg Wrechen
The timber line in the village Uckermark
The upper line in Luckow Uckermark

A Christoph von Raven fought in the Battle of White Mountain near Prague, Kaspar Andreas died in November of Raven 1674 as a captain in front of Cologne, Balthasar at Ernst 11. September 1676 before Demmin. The family tree has more than 20 Men after, the Mecklenburg part in the service, in part in services, the Prussian sword led.

The Captain Otto Christoph von Raven on Holzdorf married Charlotte Luise of Kliitzow from Dedelow in Uckermark. His son Gustav Ludwig he could also be an officer of hussars. The most 18. June 1748 born, married after reaching 31. Age with a young lady from Göritz joined by Wedell and then at his father's legacy. In his very large family, it was Gustav Ludwig von Raven not possible, to preserve the family estate of his fathers and was forced to sell to a count of Schlippenbach. This estate was the family before 1630 possessed.

Then even his wife died on 10. January 1793 aged 42 Years and three months. This marriage lasted 13 Years and they had 17 Children born, of which 13 were alive. The eldest son, Otto Wilhelm Ludwig von Raven, Born on 29. More 1780 and the third son of Werner Alborus Küneke, Born on 18. December 1784 fought both 1812 Unter KaisMoreNapoleon. By military prowess, they gained recognition Werner was awarded the Ordre pour le Mérite span on . Werner was awarded the Ordre pour le Mérite on 20. July 1812 and later died in combat as a major in Paris. He bled to death, because he refused to be connected. Otto Wilhelm Ludwig (1770-1836) was already on 23. More 1794 the Order Pour le Mérite and as a reward for the battle of Leipzig he received at the 8. December 1813 the Iron Cross 2. Class and on 2. October 1815 the 1. Class.

Since the year 1804 the colonel was with Louise, married a daughter of the Domain Board Torwesten. She gave him 5 Children. The only daughter of Auguste born 15. October 1805, died on 18. February 1864, Brother Wilhelm Ernst Otto born 8. July 1811, died on 12. April 1853. Two boys had already died in infancy, and so there was only Gustav Eduard Ludwig von Raven, Born on 28. August 1807 Neuhaus, near Paderborn, of these children left for the continuation of this sex-line.

The Prussian Major Edward Raven

Edward Gustav Ludwig attended the town school in Schlawe and made exactly according to his request on 4. April 1824 the Pledge of Allegiance. He was the most famous member of the family, the hero of chaff, the 1864 was wounded at the storming of the Dybbøl hard and on his deathbed by King William I. was awarded the Ordre pour le Mérite.

Had been in previous years been awarded several medals. Theodor Fontane him in his war reporting of the German-Danish War 1864 a literary monument to. He died of his wounds on 27. April 1864 in St. John's hospital to Rübel. He received the medal on his death bed from the hand of his Majesty the King.


Edward Raven, Royal Prussian Major General, General a la suite of His Majesty the King : Messages to his memory, collected by Alfred Graffunder; Published by Alexander Duncker, 1866


Verzeichnis der Ritter Ordens of merit for, which the same in the campaign against Denmark 1864 have acquired

News about the family of Raven officers belonging to the Prussian army

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  1. admin // 12. May 2010 at 22:26 //

    her name is Johanne Friederike Louise Raven * 7.6.1839 in Magdeburg. She married first 6.8.1857 in Langensalza Eduard von Schlotheim and second 1865 or 1866 New York, Karl Scholz, priest in New York, he died 1889 in New York. If you need more details you can find in the database

  2. Information on Johanna von Raven required please: She married Eduard Freiherr von Schlotheim on 6.8.1857 and divorced him in 1864. Johanna was the daughter of Albert Bernhard von Raven, Sex. preuss. Captain and his wife Friederike Meier. Questions:
    (a) What other christian names did she have apart from Johanna?. (b)When and where was she born? (c) When and where did she die? (d) Did she remarry?

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