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Older university parish registers of the University of Frankfurt an der Oder


Older university parish registers (1506 – 1648) Band 1.1 Older university parish registers (1649 – 1811) Band 1.2 Older university parish registers: People- index volume and local 1.3

Genealogical research made easy: What Denmark and Norway to offer in its archives


The primary role of the State Archives is, to collect historical sources, retain and make available to the public. Some archives provide an exemplary manner in an online genealogy.

History leaves for town and country Magdeburg : Communications of the Association for History and Archaeology


In Magdeburg, with its significant history, had a circle of like-minded men to the Director of Domgymnasium Samuel Frederick Henry Wiggert (1791-1871) formed

August Wilhelm Hupel: Nordische Miscellaneen und Neue Nordische Miscellaneen 1781 to 1798


In the retrospective digitization of Bielefeld University Library, I have already pointed out in a separate article. Such development work includes the complete issues “Nordischen Miscellaneen“ and “New Nordic Miscellaneen“. On the side of the Bielefeld University Library, all items can be easily read on a table of contents and controlled directly, while the University of Tartu offers all of these issues can be downloaded.

Matriculation and history of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University of Greifswald


The University of Greifswald was on 17. October 1456 with papal approval by Duke Wartislaw IX. of Pomerania-Wolgast inaugurated. 1437: Because inner-city riots left some professors 1419 University was founded there in the city of Rostock and Greifswald teach temporarily in (to 1443)