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Wagener's State- and corporate lexicon

Hermann Wagener, important journalist and politician (Founder of the Conservative party in Prussia) was on 8.3.1815 Born into a pastor's son at Neuruppin Segelitz. After studying law and an appointment as Assessor v in a trust in which later became President of Upper Pomerania. Senfft-Pilsach and the former home- and domain Minister Anton Graf v. Stolberg-Wernigerode. 1847 He was taken by Konsistorialassessor recommendation as to Magdeburg. Social policy was almost the exclusive field of his activity. He took conservative Social Democrat Rudolf Meyer approached the. Likewise, he befriended[...]

Mistress, Jewels and The Count of Löwenstein-Wertheim


Truth and fiction are two areas that are sometimes not distinguish as simple as they may be interwoven almost inextricably. This applies especially to case files, dealing with child support payments. That's one thing today and was not even three hundred years ago different, than 1737-1763 Before Aulic process was discussed in Vienna, where a castoff mistress of her former lover, a Count, demanded more maintenance…

Family tree of Rothmann


Those: Rothmann, Samuel: Family tree of Rothmann, Berlin: Verlag Louis Lamm 1913 (Download)

Pedigree of the family Feuchtwanger 1786-1910


Felix began as Feuchtwanger this pedigree, there were numerous family members in cities such as Munich, Fuerth, Frankfurt etc. The familial connections of the various branches were documented and recorded for future generations.

Frederick William I. Colonization of plant in Lithuania, notably the Salzburg colony

Must have been dismal state of Lithuania during and after the plague be. Some descriptions, it sounds so terrible, may still fall short of the truth. The historians calculated the loss to 80.000 Souls, others even give a sum of 200.000 Victims in East Prussia at all; in the main office alone Insterburg 66.000, in the Official Ragnit 28.000. Lucanus and Schubert, however, to call other numbers. It was decided to re-establishment of the deserted country to colonize. Initially, each settler was, the “desert places” took, in the vernacular and the authorities over “Settler”. Also[...]