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Matriculation of the manors from all circles of the Prussian State


The names of the owners of the individual goods have been received indicating how long the items were owned by the family.

Henry Louis Gude: Topographical and genealogical descriptions of most European countries


Of Rendsburg-born Ludwig Heinrich Gude (+ Hall 27.11.1707) are the following works with the topographical and genealogical descriptions of European States

Works of the historian and genealogist, Johann Georg Leuckfeld


His birthplace is in the golden herring Aue in Thuringia, where he died on 4. July 1668 was born. His parents were wealthy compatriots, did, however, so little attention to his lessons, At fifteen he was scarcely able to read. (The family has been Leuckfeld 1594 detected in herring. Herring was 1439-1815 Stolberg, a joint office in Electoral Saxony Schwarzburg Oberlehnsherrschaft) After his father died, He received his entreaties for permission, to devote himself to the study. Now he learned in a very short time the[...]

Land Book of the duchies of Pomerania, Pomeranian and Kashubian


From the contents: Possessions of the family of the Schwerine, Usedomsche manors, History of the ironworks at Torgelow, Historical overview of sex Schöning, Specification of the families, who were resident in the district Pyritz, The art of printing in Stargard, Landowner in the principality Kammin, History of the nobility in the principality Kammin, The Family Foundation of Schmelingsche, The circle of the Greifswald Tertialgüter, Genealogy of the family of Behr 1667-1865, Genealogy of the family of Wakenitz, Genealogy and genealogy of the family Klinkow of Klinkowstrom.

GeoGreif – Geographical collections

GeoGREIF contains maps and map series, or the Department of Geography and Geology, University of Greifswald. at the National Archives in Greifswald original available. GeoGREIF assigns each registered card of the most important metadata in Dublin Core format, enabling easy discovery. The cards have been placed in various thematically collectibles. The collections are continually enhanced through the staff / from the Institute of Geography and Geology, University of Greifswald.