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German sex tape books 191 to 195 (Genealogical Handbook Bügerlicher families)

Urkunde 3

The above volumes are available in the Hathi Trust Digital Library. Also the “download page at a time” is possible.

Finally Online: Pomeranian Geschlechterbuch Bd. 2 and 3


Bernhard Koerner was approximately 50 Years editor of the Strong Genealogical Publishing's birth family guide CD-ROM 9 German sex book volume 65-72 Strain effects: Achenbach, Alsen, Ammann, Anderson, Arndt, Bach, Bahrdt, Bauck, Bayer, Becker, Boehm, Bohemian, Bohm, Borck, Borgmann, Bosch, Bossert, Brother, Buchner, Carl, of the Crone, Delliehausen, Dittmar, Dittrich, Ebel, Noble, Ehmicke, Eickelkamp, Finsler, Fisherman, Flege, Frevert, Frohne, Frost, Fox, Gail, Gervinus, Grutzmacher, Grunwald, Haakh, Haenisch, Hallwachs, Harpf, Hasse, Heck, Hein, Heldman, Helwing, Heuser, Heyn, Hollatz, White wood, Housselle, Ihlefeld, Jahn, Jaup, Kannenberg, Waiter, Kessler,  [...]

Yearbook of the German nobility digitized

In addition to the standard works of the Gotha, includes the Yearbook of German nobility, published in three volumes from the publisher W.C. Bruer, as a mandatory program in any collection of genealogists, dealing with the nobility. The annals of every noble family to give accurate and its accuracy verified information about the denomination, the origin, the acquisition of the nobility, entails, and on family farms, Hereditary officers and dignitaries. The arms of each family is described in detail. Each article is introduced by a brief overview of the history of the appropriate sex and at least the[...]

The Secret Book of Honour of the Fuggers

What a highlight of the art of printing! And in general…what a treasure is here placed on the Bavarian State Library as well as online edition and also available for download. The "Secret Honor Book" made between the Fuggers 1545 and 1549 the workshop of the Augsburg artist Jörg Breu the Younger. an. The manuscript is an impressive example of self-expression and the Fuggers of Augsburg's an excellent product illumination of the late Renaissance. She is considered one of the most important and most valuable books of the German-speaking family. (Quote)