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The names of the teachers in Krimderode

From the local chronicle of the village Krimderode of W. Vahlbruch: 1574-1592 Churches- and janitor John Blasius 1670-1675 Hans Lüdicke, Janitor from Nordhausen 1675-1676 Martin Weige, Janitor, died in Krimderode 1676-1700 Lorentz Master, Janitor 1700-1705 Balthasar Hoffmann, Janitor 1705-1718 Anselm Guenther Straubel, Janitor 1729-1735 Andreas Koeller, Janitor, died in Krimderode 1737-1752 Ludwig Brodtkorb, Kantor and janitor, died in Krimderode 1752-1795 Martin Brodtkorb, Office, died in Krimderode 1795-1798 Christian Bock, Office, went to Buchholz 1799-1804 Christian Hof, Office, went to Appenrode 1804-1833 Andreas leg, Office,  [...]