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The ancestors of Louis Ferdinand Wentz (to Pepin the Short, King of the Franks)

Louis Ferdinand Wentz, Genealogists from Passion, has created this work for posterity! Significant genealogists like Karina Kulbach-Fricke and study director Alfred Blömer served him well to help,Like this:Like Loading…


Draft Genealogical History of the Ottonian branch of the Salic sex

Draft Genealogical History of the branch of the Ottonian and Salian race sprung from the same house lezten to Nassau on the division of the year in which vorgegangene 1255, Like this:Like Loading…

Baldwin of Luxembourg 1285 to 1354: Archbishop of Trier and Elector of the Empire

More than a thousand years, lent than the Ottonian Empire Kalrs the Great new look, Luxembourg has emerged. It has evolved out of the sphere and the possession of one of the great earls in the fragmented and fought hard for decades part of the old Carolingian Empire Central, dem regnum Lotharii Lothars II. Ein Tauschakt steht am historischen […]

Antiquitates Gandersheimenses: Or Historical Description Of Uhralten kayser Lichen freemen worldly empire-Stifft Gandersheim

It was the Duke of Saxony Liudolf (+849) (Eponym of Liudolfings) in the 852 founded the monastery Gandersheim. The city experienced a golden age under the Liudolfingern in 10. Century. Roswitha of Gandersheim lived about that time….Like this:Like Loading…