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Database of the Latvian cultural history in pictures

The database contains 2900 Photos by the year 1914 and is searchable by occupation and names, of. B. People from the publishing industry, Composer, People in public life, Teacher, Musician, Industrial, Treasurer, Pharmacist, Artist, Mayor, Physicians, Bishops, Legal scholars, Diplomats, Archaeologists, Botanist… These are mostly Birth- and date of death known, References and publications. Website: Latvian State Historical Archives

Biographies of Riga

With the slogan “Man lives in the memory” on the cover, the author begins his work. This WHO'S WHO, focusing on the culture in Riga, offers life stories and family news and anniversary celebrations, Riga's city of the sheets of 1810 to 1879 and partly from since 1858 Riga appearing almanac to the year 1884 were taken. A look at the contents of the combined three volumes revealed to the reader many surprising names, supply determines the one or the other researchers new aspects.

The history of the Germans in the Baltic

In the high Middle Ages began the subjugation of the Baltic country by the Knights since the beginning of the 13. First century of Riga (Livonian Order), from 1226 Also of Kulm in today's Poland and the Baltic penetrated up to 1300 large areas were brought under their rule.