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The Count of Leiningen-Westerburg


The Lords of Westerburg free sempervirens descended from the ancient Gaugrafen of Lahngaues; they are of the same origin as the House of Wied-Runkel and have 1226 separated from this. They performed like the famous taverns of Limpurg and two other houses in the Middle Ages the title “of the Holy Roman Empire Semper Free”. The term free sempervirens has its origin in the expression “sendbarfrei”and means “chivalrous or ritterbürtig. Coat of arms: The held in early Gothic style sheet shows the mutually facing shields from Westerburg (in red with a golden cross,  [...]

History of the Princely House of Liechtenstein


The Princely House of Liechtenstein is one of the oldest noble families of Europe. At 1136 Hugo of Liechtenstein is mentioned for the first time a carrier of that name. He named himself after the Liechtenstein Castle, which is located just south of Vienna. The material for this castle dates back to a Roman quarry, whence the name might come clear stone. The Liechtenstein family owned many estates in Lower Austria, Bohemia and Moravia. The Principality is the acquisition of the Lordship of Schellenberg (1699) and the County of Vaduz (1712) emerged from the Prince of Liechtenstein. The[...]

Family history of von Hardenberg


Originally, the area belonged to Hardenberg, Göttingen and the whole country to the Free State of Saxony. But with the Frankish king Carloman and guided 745 geendeter unhappy war had the effect, that that area around Göttingen, Hagen and the pit had to be ceded Eichsfeld. The younger line which remained in Hardenberg, took in 14. Century, the boar's head into the coat of arms. After some time, the Lindauer's hard to put into the boar's head shield. The Hog's Head first appeared on the helmet 1390. Around the year 1378 one killed[...]

Baldwin of Luxembourg 1285 to 1354: Archbishop of Trier and Elector of the Empire

More than a thousand years, lent than the Ottonian Empire Kalrs the Great new look, Luxembourg has emerged. It has evolved out of the sphere and the possession of one of the great earls in the fragmented and fought hard for decades part of the old Carolingian Empire Central, dem regnum Lotharii Lothars II. An exchange act is at the historical beginning of both the House of Luxembourg and the country and the city of Luxembourg…

Die Welt der Habsburger

Die vir­tu­el­le Aus­stel­lung „Die Welt der Habs­bur­ger“ bie­tet ei­nen um­fas­sen­den und in­ter­es­sant auf­be­rei­te­ten Zu­gang nicht nur zur Ge­schich­te der Dy­nas­tie, son­dern auch zu an­de­ren wich­ti­gen Per­sön­lich­kei­ten, dem All­tag, der Wirt­schaft, der Po­li­tik und Kul­tur ei­ner gan­zen Epo­che. Bil­der, In­for­ma­ti­ons­tex­te, Ge­schich­ten, Land­kar­ten, ei­ne Zeit­leis­te und ein Stamm­baum der Habs­bur­ger wir­ken als mul­ti­me­dia­les An­ge­bot zu­sam­men.