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The Danish-German involvement after their Enste Hung reasons and their course represented

The Danish-German involvement after their Enste Hung reasons and their course represented, together with a genealogy of the Danish lighting succession question. ( With 7 genealogical tables)

Dansk biografisk Lexikon (Denmark's Biographical Dictionary)

Has been published in three editions. The first edition under the title “Dansk biografisk Lexikon” also comprising Norway für period 1537-1814, appeared in 19 Volumes of 1887 to 1905. Editor Carl Frederik Bricka, ISIS boghandels Publishing. All editions are available as digitized.

Matriculation at the University of Copenhagen 1611 to 1829

The University of Copenhagen in 1479 founded and is on the University of Uppsala, the second oldest university in Scandinavia and adjacent to the University of Aarhus, the most prestigious in the country.  

Students at the University of Copenhagen 1479 to 1611

The University of Copenhagen 1479 founded by royal decree, under the name Universitas Hafniensis. In addition to Roman Catholic theology was initially Law, Taught medicine and philosophy. 1537 reached the Lutheran Reformation, the University, The seminar was converted into a Protestant. This date is now regarded as an alternative founding date, and is also noted on the official seal of the University. Starting with the Faculty of Theology 1675 led to 1788 all faculties exam tests a, from then on were the prerequisite for the attainment of a qualification.

Contributions to the history of the Becker family

The story begins with Jacob Becker of Beckers, the first pastor in Wahlscheid. His term lasted from 1565-1580. It follows Anthony Becker, Born on 29. June 1513 Meschede and chaplain at St.. Nicolai in Rostock. Ferner Conrad Becker, which as Dr. of theology 1587 ministerii is called as Inspector in Hildesheim, where he 1588 died. John Becker was to 1545 born in Lennep and is first pastor in Lennep and 1567 Chaplain in Elberfeld. 1585 called him to the council of the city of Essen as[...]