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Bishop D. Emil Albert Karow


Emil Albert Karow was 1871 Born in Prenzlau, the son of Johann and Wilhelmine Henriette Karow Trebbin. The Karows from Uckermark were a rural race, that's been resident at Lützlow Prenzlau. One of the newest members of the family moved into the city from operating in Prenzlau 1869 a bakery and restaurant. (Naturalization in the Prenzlau 07.09.1867) This was the father of Emil Karow. Emil studied in Tübingen, Halle and Berlin, and was on 12. November 1899 ordained. At the 2.10.1900 heiratete  [...]

Genealogies of the noble family of Damitz

Pomeranian nobility with the parent Dunzin (Damizino) the documentary with Alexander de Damyz 27. August 1282 has its origin. After him is Gerhard von Damitz called as a witness, Men on Dunetzin in Pomerania and Council under Barnim I. Pomeranian. The secured line of ancestors begins with Hermann von Damitz as the progenitor of this family. He lived to 1400. Still in the beginning of the last century had the Schulz family Hagen, Fritzow, Justin, Rabbuhn, Mölln, Dunzin, Rutzow etc. These items were all in the principality Cammin.