Reinald of Cologne, a Chancellor of the Middle Ages

About 50 Years, had Pope- and the empire stood hostile, than by the Concordat of Worms, a legal compensation and brought ceasefire was agreed.

The Hohenstaufen dynasty came to the empire at a time to the absolute supremacy of the Church. For better or worse, it had to come to clash again, the more certain, as Hadrian IV. an arrogant Englishman came to the See of Rome, as in Germany, the powerful and warlike Frederick I. received the crown…

Reinald came from the family of the counts of Dassel, and he had about 40 Years. Highly educated and well trained, He also understood the sword cause as a feather and to impress the emperor. Almost independently, he turned as Viceroy. He was ambitious and full of passionate energy. Sought during the papacy, to submit to the Empire, Reinald wanted to bend the pope to the emperor. He was therefore imperial than the emperor himself, He considered the crown more than just the instantaneous carrier. Sun Reinald stands as one of the first Prime Minister and also the first, the issuing from the frame of the Empire, European policy for operation almost in the modern sense…

Reinald + 14. August 1167, was the second son of Count Reinold I. of Dassel. He was in the cathedral school of Hildesheim, today's Episcopal Gymnasium Josephinum , trained and studied in Paris. At 1146 He was active as a deacon and provost in Hildesheim. 1148 he represented the Bishop Bernhard I. Hildesheim at the Council of Reims. In May 1156 He was Emperor Frederick I. Barbarossa appointed to the Reich Chancellery and prepared 1158 the Italian campaign before….



Pflugk-Harttung, Julius: Reinald of Cologne, a Chancellor of the Middle Ages from Westermann's Illustrated German Monatshefte, Reprint from issue 346, July 1885, Brunswick: George Westermann 1885 (Download)

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